Quite Possibly The Saddest Thing Ever

“I’m making milk for the giraffe!” Thalia squealed. Nate and I turned to see her, shirt raised, clutching a former favorite animal to her body.

“Oh, like mommy does? From your nipples, sweetie?”

“No. From here!”

Thalia looked down at her belly.

“I guess that’s where my boobs are these days, huh,” I said.

Nate didn’t respond.


27 thoughts on “Quite Possibly The Saddest Thing Ever”

  1. That is just too funny.And I can’t believe I’m the first to comment. Thanks for another great post. You made my morning.

  2. oooh now. she’ll understand where milk-makers go when she grows her own, and as for nate – he’s never had any, and is never going to, so how could he understand? 🙂

  3. Considering that my tummy is expanding to meet my boobs, I’m in the same boat as you even though I’m at least three cup sizes smaller.

  4. I’m sure she’s very bright and was simply thinking about an umbilical cord. Right? No worries.

  5. Well… at the very least that was good for a very hearty laugh.Same on Nate. They’re the only boobs he’s got. He needs to appreciate them better.

  6. OH. MY. GOD.That is too funny. Cause it is toooo close to home….When my daughter was that age she drew a picture of me with dots on my face. I asked what they were. ‘Your pimples Mummy!’Oh the innocence and complete disregard for their own safety, of youth…

  7. Yes, my 2 y.o. son also lifts his shirt and feeds his stuffed animals from his stomach.And while I’m commenting for the first time, thanks for such a great blog.

  8. Hi! This is the first time I’m commenting, but I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I think it’s great!And yes, I can totally relate to this post. My two-and-a-half year old daughter likes to lie on my stomach and rest her head on my ‘pillows’…

  9. Hmm. Try having A cups that sag down to your belly button and resemble beaver tales. And a daughter who prays that her boobs won’t end up resembling her mothers.Harumph.

  10. I noticed that my boob was completely folded over in my bra yesterday. This does not bode well for my post breastfeeding body.

  11. a husband’s lack of response doesn’t mean he agrees with you but rather he is again thinking fondly of his early twenties instead of listening to his wife.

  12. I love it! My daughter feeds her animals from her bellybutton too. I’ve never laughed so hard as the day she first did it. She walked around proudly exclaiming “baby’s huuuungry, i feed baby yunch.”

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