Guess She’s Not Quite Getting the Concept of Sarcasm Yet

Nate: Okay, time to change your diaper.

Thalia: No!

Nate: Let me change it Thalia, you pooped.

Thalia: NO!

Nate: Oh Thalia, please let me change your smelly, stinky diaper filled with excrement. Please do me the courtesy of allowing me take it off your body and then wipe all that poop off of your butt and then please let me…

Thalia: Aw, don’t cry, Daddy.


12 thoughts on “Guess She’s Not Quite Getting the Concept of Sarcasm Yet”

  1. Love it! I will have to remember this one for my darling Little Dude, once he can argue against the diaper change rather than the current wiggling until the diaper is on backwards or sideways.

  2. Sarcasm is one of the first things my husband and I instill in our children. It comes before potty training, before reading, often before weaning, in fact. “BY GOD YOU WILL KNOW THE TERM FACETIOUS, DAMMIT!”*Ahem.*Sorry.

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