Sage turned Half this week.

Today she is Half plus three days.

I think the tough legacy of the second child is that when mom sits down to write you a beautiful Half post, what you get instead is one for Half plus three days. What you get is the remnant writing time, the moments not previously committed to work and family and real people time and once in a while, a few consecutive minutes of sleep.

I hope that in these six months I’ve made up for the time drain in other ways. I hope I’m learning to let Sage be her own person. I hope I’ve spent enough time memorizing her smile, absorbing her expressions, tickling her and then laughing at the ensuing patented Sage Alexandra Wiggle Dance.

I hope that I have enough photos of her to make up for the fact that we have no baby book to put them in. I hope that I have enough images of her in my head to make up for the fact that I don’t always have enough photos.

I hope I’ve remembered to give her a turn on the swing too. I hope that we’ve hid enough of her newborn gifts to make up for a two year-old sister that claims them all as hers.

And I hope that my beautiful Princess Sagebrush continues to be the sweet, smiley, stubborn girl that she is now. At Half.

Half and three days.

The half birthday suit

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  1. Happy Half Birthday Sage! What a cutie you are!Please tell your Mom not to worry too much – you will not really complain about having second child syndrome till your teen years! By then there will be lots to complain about!I was just discussing this topic this morning. I also have been loosing steam with each child. The first has tons of photos, the second has a bunch of photos, most with the eldest also in the shot and the third, well, I am too busy with the 2 and 3 year old to snap shots of the 9 month old!!!!

  2. Happy half, beautiful girl! (Liz, I barely remember my second child’s first year of life. He isn’t holding it against me. Yet.)

  3. Ahh, but Baby Two gets one thing that Baby One never got. They get a big sibling to watch, to be entertained by, and to be loved by. (Then, when Big Sibling leaves home, they get tired parents who don’t really bother enforcing the rules too much anymore.)

  4. oh my word – what a sweet picture! happy half birthday, sage!but..but…what about people (who shall remain nameless) who only have ONE sweet girl and still haven’t made time to fill out the baby book? ugh. the guilt.

  5. I don’t remember actually sleeping through the night for more than 3 hours at a time. I think I am so conditioned…that I will never be able to…so sleep is a luxury I never see!

  6. Happy Half to that beautiful girl.I hope all the same things as you so beautifully said now that my #2 is 3. It’s actually progress.I was feeling horrid about the photo album especially after a Grandma guilt trip (one way ticket).But then I realized I have them all sorted by month in an online folder…which is like an album. She is perfectly happy to sit in my lap and scroll photos on the computer. It’s the 21st century baby book.Julie< HREF="http://theartfulflower.blogspot.com/" REL="nofollow">Using My Words<>

  7. Half + 3 days is pretty damn good.And she looks a bit more like Thalia in that picture. Like I know anything. Kristen (You know… Cool Mom Picks)

  8. Happy half-birthday Sage, from a mom who has a “second” whose name is also Sage!Oh – I’ve recently discovered your site and have been enjoying your posts!

  9. Happy half! She’s a beauty, and she looks like she’s got a lot of spunk, too. Mira will be half on the 27th. I can’t believe it’s come so fast.

  10. Happy half, sweet Sage!My guy will be half in a few weeks. Do you think I will be able to take about 450 pictures of him before then? Because his picture total is trailing behind that of his sister.

  11. She is adorable. I think six months is a particularly cute stage — just emerging from newborn-ness, and starting to engage more eith everyone around them. Fabulous!

  12. Awwww she’s so cute. My little cutie will be half in less than two months. I’m glad to see she’s still in the baby tub (we have the same one), I guess we will get a lot of use out of ours! Yay! Although we stopped using the sling weeks ago.

  13. My 2nd daughter Summer is about to turn one. I’m trying to gear up and summon the energy to order all the pictures from her 1st year and put together an album. One album. Her older sister has about six albums. I wish I was kidding… I hope Summer knows I love her just as much. I’m just a little more tired.Sage is a cutie! Happy Half!

  14. Happy Half plus Three!I’m a second child and always felt a bit of resentment that there were more pictures of my sister.Then I had my own children and realized that while there may not be as many pictures of me, I got the more relaxed, more confident mom.As an adult, I think it’s a pretty fair trade off…less pictures but also less hovering mom worry!

  15. Oh, she gets cuter and cuter! Yes, #2 is a tough position, especially with an Alpha older sister (which is what we have). But, they also have an older sister to gaze up at, learn from and laugh with which should make up for the lack of photos or memoribilia.Happy six months little one!

  16. Three words…Marsha,Marsha, Marsha!You were the oldest, so you don’t realize that Sage is quietly planning Thalia’s demise behind that unbelievable smile.Happy Half–Love “Jan”

  17. Beautiful girl. Happy half!Funny – “nyc” is in the word verification below. Are you still planning to move out west?

  18. omgoodness! I wanna nibble those chunky monkey shoulders!Does she look at all like her big Sis?My two look enough alike at that age that they are convinced that pictures of a sister are actually pictures of themselves. That helps.Otherwise, I’m no help. I have halfway started baby books. And the blog for the baby. All of which is more than I have for myself as a baby.

  19. Happy Half, Sage. You are a beauty. Your playmate over here is right behind ya.

  20. Happy half birthday to Sage. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Just recently found your site and think it’s great. And thanks for visiting mine as well. 🙂

  21. So cute! I’m enjoying #2s babyness (babiness?) much more now. Looks like you are, too. We are eagerly watching for “rolling over” so that we can forget to write it down anywhere. (Scarlett is 4 mos, 2 weeks)

  22. Oh my gosh, this is the first time it’s jumped out at me in one of her pictures but she looks just like you!The second baby really gets so many perks. It’s just dumb mommy guilt always telling us we’re not doing enough. She’s a lucky baby — and beautiful!

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