Well, It Is Almost Christmas

Me: Oh Jesus, Thalia. You spilled the cereal everywhere.

Thalia: Jesus, mommy. JESUS CHRIST.


19 thoughts on “Well, It Is Almost Christmas”

  1. he he he. I’ve been telling the kids that Santa brings presents because it’s Baby Jesus’s b-day and we are all celebrating. Andrew looked at me and said…. “well, Baby Jesus doesn’t say Happy Birthday to me!” with a humpf about his tone. I had to laugh.

  2. She’ll rebel by becoming a Christian conservative. No pierced ears or punked out hair–you’re raising Alex P. Keaton!

  3. If Thalia becomes a Christian conservative like Sarah says, I’ll forgive every liberal thing you’ve ever said to me. (wink, wink).I can’t stop laughing…Happy Holidays!

  4. People around here have yard signs reminding us to “Keep Christ in Christmas.” Who needs a yard sign with Thalia around?!?To add to what mothergoosemouse said, my father used to say: “Jesus H. Christ on a jumped-up chariot-driven race car.” But really, that doesn’t make sense, because wouldn’t a race car be faster than a chariot?)

  5. I try to say “Cheese and Rice” because I think I can avoid a smiting with bad pronunciation.Also…I think you got mentioned on one of those links you read when you have no email but you keep checking your inbox.“When businesses court bloggers with trips and other perks, hoping for positive coverage. The word gained prominence in a May 2007 Wall Street Journal article that described mommy bloggers who were invited to the set of the CBS show “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”” That is you….right?

  6. *snort*So glad I’m not alone…Dave made Oliver a sandwich the other day and, when placed in front of him, he sighed and said exasperatedly, “Jesus Christ, Daddy! You forgot the tomato!”

  7. Ummmm yeah, TC says this a lot! And the other day he said (to his big sis) “I’m gonna kick your little ass!” and I KNOW he got that one from daycare!

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