Me? Undecided? Inconceivable.

It is less than twelve hours to go until I pull a lever for the Democratic presidential candidate and I remain firmly, staunchly, hopelessly, on the fence.

This is a first for me. I tend to have wildly strong opinions (shocking!) on most everything from politics to kids clothing to the correct lyrics to nursery rhymes. Nate insists that the last line of Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear is Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy, was he? and it drives me crazy apeshit bonkers because the proper cadence and appropriate play on words can only be achieved with Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he? Seriously we could fight for six hours about it. And we have.

(Even so, he did get me on how it’s out came the sun that dried out all the rain for that stupid spider. I always liked the parallels between down came the rain and up came the sun but yeah, I suppose the sun is coming out from behind the clouds and not up first thing in the morning to make things all dry.)

But I digress.

Because I’m stalling.

Because I have no idea what to do.

My political post here last week could be called the Rorshack post, in that Hillary fans saw it as an endorsement of their candidate, while Obama fans shouted yeah! That’s why we love him! Yet I meant it when I said I was undecided. In truth, I am swinging between two teams like Anne Heche in her heyday. Every time someone gives me a good pro-Hill argument I’m like yeah! She’s my woman! Go Hill! And then every time I hear a strong Obama endorsement I’m like whoo yeah! Obama! Rock on!

(So forgive me in advance for this ramble. I’m using it in part to sort through my feelings.)

I see in Hillary a strong, confident leader. A woman who can shake off any mud flung her way, who could take on any opposing candidate on issues both foreign and domestic, who will probably be reforming legislation and reaching out to repair severed diplomatic relationships within 13 seconds of taking that left hand off that bible in January. I don’t think she “plays both sides” as her critics declare, as much as she is authentically moderate on many issues – perhaps the first essential step towards re-uniting the old reds and blues.

And then I see in Barack an amazing inspiration. A man who gives me goosebumps, not only when I hear him speak, but when I think of the young people he’s mobilized, the numbers he’s drawing in states like Iowa. He’s not just a man you want to follow, he’s a cult you want to join, a guy with a whole quart of Kool Aid with your name on it, only this time it really will take you to a better place. I think he has good fresh ideas and will surround himself with good, smart people.

If you haven’t yet seen this video – thanks, Laura! – it’s profoundly moving. Who these days writes folk songs about candidates…um, ever?

It makes me believe that whether he is as “ready” (so to speak) as his opponent is right now, that in 8 years, the positive legacy of an Obama presidency could last for generations. Also, that an Obama White House will be so far removed from the wretched one of the past 7 years, that he could be one the true knight in shining armor coming to right the wrongs, undo the curse, kiss the frog, melt the wicked witch, banish the evil king, destroy Voldemort, toss the ring into Mt Doom, and do it all against a Black-Eyed Peas soundtrack.

And then I think, ack, I’m buying into the media narrative. Let’s go back to the issues. Let’s go to who could win. Let’s go to who’s the right person for the job.

Then I visualize how pitting old farty flip-floppin’ McPlain up there against Obama could start a real revolution, if not a damn near civil war in this country over the next nine months. And I kind of like that.

Can’t there just be a Clibama candidate, as Rebecca suggested?

Okay, I am definitely Wallace Shawn in the Princess Bride, saying “So then clearly I cannot choose the vial in front of you!” before going on to justify why he can clearly not choose the vial in front of himself, either.

And we all know what happens to Wallace Shawn in the end.

I look for guidance.

“What do you feel in your gut?” my mother asks. “Doesn’t your body tell you before your head knows it? Doesn’t your stomach get just a little bit queasy when you hear that one candidate in particular is behind in a poll?”

Yeah, there is.

There is.

I will proudly, happily, avidly support either nominee with unwavering conviction. But there is one candidate for whom my heart will ache just a bit more, who will inspire a greater number of longing what if‘s, if left behind after tomorrow.

I think it’s Obama.

Edited to add: Funny enough, I had a paragraph in here about how each candidate’s supporters truly believe with all certainty that their pick is the only one who can win. I took it out because this damn thing was rambly enough already. But commenters are proving it to be so.

I don’t believe that only one person can win. I know it’s a long race. I know a lot can happen in nine months. I know that VPs matter. Perhaps that’s why I’m having trouble choosing.

Whatever happens, this is all totally fascinating to me, and I think we should all be wise to know that very soon, all (well most) of us Dems will be on the same team, pulling hard, and putting our collective voices to work for the much needed betterment of people kind.


79 thoughts on “Me? Undecided? Inconceivable.”

  1. I think we’re pretty fortunate, to have two people that we actually feel good about. I’m voting Clinton, and I’m bringing my daughter into the poll to watch me do it. She’s almost 12, and she’ll remember. My husband is voting Obama, and she’s watching him, too. I want her to think back to this time, and remember history being made.My husband is afraid too many people love McCain, and he’ll win. My fear is that he may be right. Then we’ll look back fondly on the days of only being at war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  2. Hillary for me at this point. Is Barack wins the nomination. Then it’s go Barack. I want to see a Clinton/Barack ticket with Bill inside.Bonnie

  3. I hear a lot of people talk about this issue of electability and that Obama is the more electable candidate. I disagree. In my (albeit small) circle of Democrats, I’ve heard more people say they will vote Republican for the first time in their lives if Obama wins. Their reason? Inexperience. I’ll back either candidate, but for me it’s about the issues. And I like Clinton’s position on those issues slightly better. I think Obama will make a great president. I’d just rather see him take office in 2016.

  4. I also learned it as “Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy, was he?”. Unfortunately, that’s just plain wrong. The original 1944 song clearly does not contain “very”, nor should it. He was just a bare bear who wasn’t fuzzy.

  5. It is wasnt fuzzy was he.. it rymes! I am all about Clinton. I dont want to wait 2 years for someone to figure out how to do the job. No matter how inspiring Obama is, I dont think he has what it will take *right now*.

  6. see, this is why i was a little happy that the pressure was taken off of me. i live in michigan, so my primary didn’t count. at the time, i would have voted for obama…but i’ve changed my mind back and forth a thousand times since then.i cried when edwards dropped out, and i cried during the last debate–not just because it was so moving to know that one of the two would be our candidate, but also because i knew that i would be REALLY happy with either of them.this feeling of hope is foreign to me, but i think i like it.i was just going to type: ‘i can’t wait to see how this will end.’but, that’s not right. this is the beginning of something. a very good something.

  7. Supertiff: You just captured my feelings perfectly. Can I delete this post and just reprint your comment? Also, the part about the election.

  8. Marriage 101: That’s fascinating because I keep hearing the opposite; that nothing will mobilize the GOP quite like a Clinton nod. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Here’s a peek.<>

  9. Well, let’s see…it’s definitely out came the sun (because of the clouds), and Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he? I’ve never ever heard of the ‘very’ fuzzy version.And, I’m a Proud Registered Independent, so my vote really doesn’t count (for now), because it’s not allowed. So much for free speech and all that, huh? 🙂Granted, *everyone* cares about the Independents later on down the line. *EVERYONE*I can’t wait to see what happens when the race really begins.Love your blog, btw. I found you via Marriage-101. 🙂 Oh, and The Princess Bride is one of my all-time favorite movies. It popped into my head as soon as I saw your title, before I even saw the picture! Love it. 🙂

  10. I couldn’t have said it better. You captured my feeling on the whole situation to a T. Obama is an inspiration. And for as much as I love Hillary, I agree that the GOP will mobilize like crazy against her. Plus, I am not sure after 20 years of the same two families, what we really need is more. This country needs a new perspective desperately.Thanks, I really enjoy your blog.

  11. I walked the fence, too…I’m passionate and informed politically — what ultimately sent me to the Obama side was watching a CNN clip. Britain and other European nations are cheering for Obama — the new guy, the one to restore our good tides in the world. That was enough for me. And, even though my FL delegates don’t get a vote — my gut felt right when I left the polls last Tuesday. Good luck.

  12. You’re completely right on no “very” in Fuzzy Wuzzy. A children’s rhyme with poor cadence would never survive.I have my fingers crossed that we don’t have any trouble getting into our new polling place. I filled out the change of address paperwork – that’s enough right?

  13. I was totally apolitical until 9/11. Then I was suddenly hit with the urge to find out just exactly what the hell was going on in the world. So I studied, I read, I looked at both sides, weighed the differences and ran them past my internal barometer, in order to determine who was full of shit and who wasn’t. And then, in the summer of 2002, I started hearing rumblings about going to war against Iraq, and I was all, “What? But… but… the hijackers didn’t come from Iraq! Bin Laden’s not in Iraq! What the hell?” And then as we got closer and closer to the invasion of Iraq, I was seriously freaking out, because I had a feeling very bad things were about to happen.And they did.I was just a bored housewife out here in the Bible belt, a nobody with no political connections, no insider knowledge, no foreign policy experience, nothing but a computer with a high-speed internet connection. And I managed to figure out that we were being manipulated and lied into an unnecessary and devastating war.And I have to ask, if I could figure out such a life and death issue from where I sat, why couldn’t Hillary?And that’s why I cannot vote for her.

  14. Fools! It’s “Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy wuzzy, was he?” (That, at least, is how my dad taught it to me, though I freely admit it makes no sense. It does, at least, have the right number of syllables.)Love the PB photo, especially since I”m planning to use that precise anecdote in my lecture this morning (though I’m wondering how many 18-year-olds have actually seen The Princess Bride). Remember, though – both the cups are poisoned.

  15. Oh I am so with you on the fence. I think it’s a very large fence accommodating several thousand people at the moment. Luckily I don’t have to make a decision until March 4th when Texas holds its primaries. I do believe I am leaning towards Obama based on the sheer feeling that if Hillary was elected, the “Right” ( I use that term loosely) would never let her have her own Presidency. They would hash up old crap from a decade ago that her Husband did and never let her accomplish anything. It would be a waste of time. So honestly it’s nothing against her, and I do like her, but I too feel Obama’s my man.

  16. I agree with you totally ashleigh, just stop and think about Bill’s 2nd term. It was so divisive and hateful and just downright nasty, and I really don’t want to go down that path again. Sadly I think a Hillary ticket is a McCain win, without a doubt.I think I’m having a left brain/right brain struggle with this one, I feel like Obama is so inspiring and gives me goosebumps and says all the right things and gives me so much hope, but Hillary seems like she might just be the smarter one with all the right answers on the test. And I’m just not sure what’s more important right now. I read this Obama quote 2 days ago and I think, in the end, he’s my man. I want to believe! 🙂“I’m asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington…I’m asking you to believe in yours.”

  17. Ahhhh…I just had a conversation that sounded almost exactly like this post with a friend of mine. We’re both going back and forth between Hillary and Barack. I just don’t know. Whichever one wins the nom, I will vote for, but I need to figure out WHO I WANT TO VOTE FOR NOW. Its nice to finally have two decent choices though!

  18. No “very” in Fuzzy Wuzzy.And I’m sitting on that very same fence with you, but leaning just a little bit more toward Obama. We shall see.

  19. It’s funny b/c Husband and I were talking about this—we’re both waffling a bit. And I vote today! I think it’ll be Obama’s lever I pull, but it isn’t an easy call. I like to think that I at least have two GOOD choices right now. And, when I think of the final Dem nominee going up against the final Rep nominee? I get goosebumps. It’ll be an interesting summer/fall.

  20. I flop back and forth so much that I’m getting sea sick. I like Hilary– but I wished I loved her. I think Obama is an inspiration, but hope his political inexperience won’t render him less effective (Deval Patrick has been rather disappointing here in Mass).I cannot remember EVER being this torn between two candidates, and I have to say, it’s WONDERFUL. I always felt that voting was choosing the lesser of two evils, so it’s refreshing to have two candidates that I support and would feel good about having in office. The one thing that I heard the other day that made me go ‘oooh!’ was that if Clinton wins, she’d likely select Obama as her running mate? Is that true?All I can say, is that if we have another President Clinton, I imagine my republican father’s ashes shaking in the ground. And that makes me smile…

  21. Read your Twitter – If Hillary gets the nom, it’s a vote for all women. I NEVER thought it would actually happen that a woman would have the possibility to be President. Astounding.

  22. Mrs. Q: I do agree that one point in HRC’s favor is that she could conceivably make him the veep, and I’m not sure that she would accept second fiddle should he win. On the other hand, the inside-the-beltway talk is that they really dislike each other. That wouldn’t be a first for a ticket, of course. But if she wins, and he’s interested but she doesn’t choose him, she’s going to alienate a huge part of the base. Tough position.

  23. Ok. I just watched that music video. With my children. And I cried. Lucas kept repeating, “Yes, we can.” which sent shivers down my spine.I feel like I’m voting with my head for Clinton, but with my heart for Obama. Sigh…

  24. Today I had butterflies in my stomach when I went to vote. I haven’t felt this excited about an election in years and the intelligent and thoughtful posts on this blog (and others) are truly inspiring.I voted for Barack. I respect Hillary and if she’s the presidential candidate she has my vote. But I believe Barack is as ready to be President as any of the other, more “experienced” candidates. For me it’s about where he stands on the issues and what his vision is for this country plus the fact that he is articulate, intelligent and seems willing to reach across party lines.

  25. I am having the same left brain/right brain struggle as Amber. She described the fight going on in my head perfectly.I’m glad that my state isn’t voting today. I have until March to figure things out.

  26. A very good argument Liz. Truly. I find that I like them both, I really do. But I’m hoping and praying for Obama. I can imagine the good he could do if given the chance.

  27. Excellent post. I have always adored you and loved your blog, but I think I adore you a little bit more now …From another Mama for Obama!

  28. I voted for Barack. Both candidates have an agenda I support. But because Barack is so charismatic he could push his/my agenda more easily. Charismatic people get stuff done, for better or worse. Hillary had a very hard time as the first lady. So much of the old boy network in congress hated her. Her ideas barely made it to the floor. The greatest most thoughtful, pragmatic ideas aren’t worth much if you can’t rally support for them. I do like Hillary. But I think her presidency would be an exercise in frustration.

  29. I’ve been so happy to have 3 awesome choices but now that the day is here, and my first choice is gone, and I have to pick between Obama and Clinton–I didn’t know what I was going to do when I went into the polling place this morning. But I ended up voting for Obama. Even now I can’t really tell you why. I like Hilary equally well. A much better place to be in than the last election, actually.

  30. i just got home from voting with tears in my eyes- holding my 2.5 year old, holding her hand together we voted for the first woman who has ever been a viable candidate for president of the united states of america. she’s too little to understand how profound that was- and i honestly don’t know when we’ll ever have another opportunity to vote for a woman again. it was a privilege and i’ll never forget it.i didn’t vote for hillary clinton because she’s a woman, however. i honestly voted based on who i think will be the best president for our country for the next 4 to 8 years. for me it was the difference between picking a class taught by the respected tenured professor vs. the hot new adjunct who just got his phd. i feel so strongly that we are at a point in our history where we need someone who has earned their candidacy- i voted for that person today.

  31. Isn’t it just great to have candidates that people are excited about? I agree with a previous commenter that I usually feel like I’m voting for the lesser of two evils, and I don’t even usually bother with primaries. But this year… this year I’m excited! I’m going to vote for Clinton next week when I go. But I’d be very happy with Obama as well. It really feels groundbreaking to have these two candidates to choose from.And you are right on about fuzzy wuzzy. My hubby and I? We argue about grammar for hours. People don’t believe that we really will argue about it until they bring something up that gets us going. hehe.

  32. I’m with Nate on the “very.” Sorry. It’s how I learned it.When Shakespeare was writing his sonnets and he wanted to make a particular word or phrase stand out, he would break meter. THAT is my defense of “very.” So there 😛However, I am with you on Obama, and I voted for him today. My vote actually had very little do with concerns about Clinton’s electability. I think people underestimate her in that respect. My choice had a lot to do with the fact that Obama’s foreign policy agenda– most particularly his commitment to diplomacy– feels much, much more aligned with my own values than Clinton’s stance. I also appreciate the fact that he is drawing support from such diverse sources.And of course my vote also had to do with the inspiration. I saw him here in St. Louis this past Saturday. Have you ever heard a crowd of 20,000 people <>go silent<> with anticipation when a man opens his mouth? The experience is profound.

  33. P.S. I left out one of the most important things about that rally– I went with a family of Republicans. Who are voting Obama.

  34. Can I be you when I grow up? What an amazing post, totally articulating the tug of war going on within most of us. I get to vote today and still don’t know which lever I’ll pull. And as a pp said, how wonderful NOT to have to choose the lesser of two evils. The most important thing is that Democrats rally behind whomever wins the primary and gets a Democrat in office. Thanks again – I heart your blog!

  35. It has been a tough choice. I am a Hillary Fan though! I think she is more then ready & I just have a weird feeling about Obama. Can’t put it into words. My mom said it would be perfect if it was a Hillary with Obama as VP & I would love that!

  36. Lack of experience?What was GW’s record of experience?I am sick of hearing the term.

  37. I just posted about this very same issue today.I waffled for weeks and finally chose Obama. But my heart is sick over it.I’m just tired of the Democratic policy wonks (Gore, Kerry) losing. I think we need the charisma of Obama to carry this thing.

  38. I am a proud Hillary supporter…but maybe its because I’m an old lady who respects her clawing her way to the top. That said, Obama makes me weak in the knees when he speaks, in the same way Hillary makes me swell with pride.I will stand behind either of these candidates in November. This isn’t a case of winner or loser today, it’s a case of democracy.

  39. As a newly registered Democrat (former Republican) who voted for Bush in 2000 and Kerry in 2004, I can’t be more excited to vote for Obama. For me, he represents the future. I don’t necessarily agree with him on several policy positions, but he gives me hope that we can finally transcend the divisive politics of the Clinton/Bush years. While I have much respect for Hillary Clinton, for me, she represents a kind of politics and an era that I think our country needs to move beyond. I hate to say it, but I’ll vote for Obama with glee, but for McCain if forced to.

  40. I don’t get to vote until next Tuesday but I’m struggling just like you. The funny thing is that your last political post made me say “OK I am going to vote for Hillary” and now I’m moving toward Obama. I guess it is good that I have one more week to decide. I can not fathom that I am still undecided. ME! I’m usually SO SO opininated in politics. But, like you, I’ll be behind the D nominee 110%. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  41. Honestly? I love them both (which is why I hate it when they “fight”!). I’m probably pulling more for Hillary but if it ends up being Obama? Then ROCK ON! So I know what you mean about being torn. And how awesome is it that THIS TIME we finally have some candidates that we can get excited about? Where was this in 2004??

  42. I read your blog and never leave a comment.. until today. I am an over the top OBAMA voter. (He just took my home state of CT…)I love Hillary Clinton, she is brilliant and has worked so hard. I’ll support her if she gets the nomination. But until then, I wish for the type of government that Barack Obama might bring. He inspires great hope for the future, at least for me.

  43. I love that we’re in this situation, because I’m happier with either of them than I can ever remember being before. Ever. I was stupidly happy today after voting, and I honestly don’t care which one wins. That’s a great thing, I think. I’m happy either way.

  44. We must be political twins, because you have echoed everything I thought when caucusing in mid-January. I eventually landed in the Hillary camp, and my heartstrings are still tugging me into Obama-land. Wouldn’t they be a great ticket together?! Hope all you who voted today got home safely through the incredible weather.

  45. Me too. And as I’m in California my stomach is feeling a little queasy right now. As of right now there is about 14% of the vote in (and Clinton is leading). Though you never know… the non-partisan vote is coming out in record numbers and asking for Dem ballots. I was one of them. Let’s see how this turns out.

  46. Take it from a Blue Woman in a Red State (Texas, of all places!) Democrats will get behind whomever wins the primary. Regardless. That’s one HeLLUVA lot of votes, my friend. The Republicans are too worried about who represents the truest, most pure-hearted rep of the part. And there ain’t no such animal! They’re split and we’re like people who can’t choose which wonderful flavor we want to taste first. It matters not. We’ll get behind whomever wins. My vote is with Obama. He has less baggage and, make no mistake about it, this is about voting for who can win. Senator Clinton has my vote if she beats Senator Obama. But…I’m throwing my weight behind him for the change he promises. Remember…our party spent decades preparing for the chance to elect a man/woman of color. Let’s hope he selects a good running mate.

  47. aggg! I just had the exact same Fuzzy Wuzzy discussion/argument with my 7 year old son! Whoever introduced the “very” into his version of the rhyme better not meet me in a dark alley.As a Michigander whose vote got screwed by the state party, I’m envious of everyone who actually got to vote and have it count. Sigh.

  48. Black eyed peas soundtrack???I would love it! Fergie rocks!oh, and much respect to the insightful intelligent commenters…I just had to put the Fergie love out there too 🙂

  49. I learned Fuzzy with the very. . .but I like your way better! *ducks* For real!As a fellow fence sitter, I admit to chickening out. I was pretty sure I was going to vote for Obama, but then the whole family woke up sick yesterday and I didn’t go anywhere. What did you do?

  50. I know exactly what you mean about the queasy feeling when one candidate is behind… that is how I discovered that Obama was the candidate for me. I voted proudly for him in NJ yesterday! Like you, though, I will support whichever one comes out on top in the end.

  51. Hillary keeps saying that she’ll be ready to go on day one because of her experience. But I don’t want to be ready to go with the same old same old. Obama offers something dynamic and transformative that may propel us past all the polarization. I really don’t want to hate Republicans anymore. I want to build a better country. I’m so proud to be Minnesotan today where Obama was king to the tune of 67% and the caucuses completely shattered all previous attendance records. Obama ’08!!!

  52. I’d already voted for John Edwards as an absentee voter before he dropped out. Oh, well. I think he had the most progressive platform of the bunch. As for Clinton and Obama, I slightly prefer Clinton, but neither really move me. But either would be better than McPlain, Huckleberry, RomBot, or the current white house resident. 🙂

  53. It’s killing me to be on the sidelines and not be able to participate in this part of history in the making.I’m living vicariously through all you Yanks.

  54. supertiff: I cried when Edwards dropped out also. I live in New Orleans and went to hear the concession speech.On electability, I think there are way too many variables to know will be more “electable”. Even the most expert political analysts are still undecided about who moderates, latinos (conservative and liberal), the south, the Catholic church, etc. will support. But I honestly think that if McCain is the GOP candidate, either Barack or Hillary will run circles around him in a debate. I mean, let’s take a moment to remember that this is the man who said this at a 1998 GOP fundraiser:“Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno”(Source – from 1998

  55. Cynthia that blows my mind. I had never heard that one before. But I’m not surprised. Just last week he made some stupid lawyer joke (punchline had to do with “scumsucking bottom-feeders”) that fell flat. Lawyer joke? What is this, 1987?

  56. Not exactly related but I thought you might be interested to know…It isn’t surprising (sadly) but the Bush administration’s FY2009 budget (his LAST, WOOT!) proposes overall level funding for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (you can < HREF="
    ” REL=”nofollow”>see it here<>. They futzed with the numbers a bit to increase by $1m the programs to reduce product hazard to children and to identify product hazards…but they cut from laboratory modernization.I’d hoped that after all the hoopla around lead and GHB in children’s toys, the administration might give the CPSC a slight bump.Just another reason to vote Democrat.

  57. God, voting felt so good.Finally, a feeling of HOPE, instead of despair about the leadership of this country.It looks like Democrats across the country are also torn between the two candidates.I truly want whoever will kick some arse come November.

  58. Mom 101,I linked this article on my blog, and just noticed you posted a nice comment on it. THanks! We aren’t that good looking, it takes about 100 pictures to get 1 good one, right?I love your writing style and agree with your opinion on the subject. This is the first time I have ever “had to choose” between two democrats. I am thinking the hatred for HRC is too strong and if it was McPlain vs. Obama, we’d have a really good chance of recapturing the White House. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out…. keep up the great blogging, ShayAKA Gus’s mom.

  59. I wrote < HREF="
    ” REL=”nofollow”>this post<> and then I thought of you– it’s a pretty incredible time to be a voting American, me thinks.

  60. Because I don’t know how to email you, I’ll post < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this link here<>He makes an “unemotional” case for Barack, but it’s worth looking at because of the video below it in which a smart young voter brilliantly breaks down why he’s voting for Barack.

  61. I discussed this kind of thing recently in the EPTF (English for People who Talk Funny) class that I teach in the evenings. Most of my students are illegal and can’t vote, but they are definitely politically aware. I sincerely think that during this election more so than any previous election, each of us has the civic duty not only to vote but to vote for what we think is best for the nation. Record voter turnout in the primaries shows that across the board Americans feel like this election is going to mean something. Perhaps it’s shallow of me, but one thing I think of often is what I will be most proud to tell my daughter when, after having read about this election in her history book years from now, she asks me who I voted for.

  62. For me, it comes down to the best way to undo the damage done over the last seven or so years.I love the Clintons. I thought Bill Clinton was a tremendous president, and i think Hillary would would make a great president. I think she’s far and away the most qualified candidate for the job.HOWEVER…the animosity and acrimony we would have during a Clinton presidency would be similar to that of our current Bush presidency. Bush divided this nation like no one before him, and we have a lot of rebuilding and a lot of healing to do – both internally within the U.S., and externally, with other nations that are more frosty to us than ever.And that’s why i think Obama is the ultimately the best decision to lead this country. it may be nothing more than brilliant marketing, but i’ve bought in, and i truly believe that he can heal this nation and bring us together.

  63. I was just about to comment, omg, go read Becca Woolf’s post, but then I saw she’s been here. This is really great, and are we not living in some kind of nirvana where we even get to angst between two candidates like this, one of whom will surely be the next POTUS?I am sort of expecting we will all be raptured on election day. what a country. 🙂

  64. Um, take it from me. I did a ballet recital to Fuzzy Wuzzy when I was 5. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, waz he?Geez. Everyone knows that 😉Oh, and on the other stuff? Good luck. I’m an Edward democrat trying hard to figure it out myself.

  65. Though I’ve publicly voiced support for Clinton, I am pleased as punch that one of them will be our next president. I haven’t been this happy with a Dem field in years.

  66. Important to consider – if you’re dead set against the Republicans winning in November, you need to base your decision on who can beat McCain (and it will be tough). Hilary, unfortunately, will bring out every single disaffected Republican to vote against her (even the ones who hate McCain). She is polarizing, to say the least. Obama has a better chance in November, regardless whether he or Hilary would make a better president. And would you believe, I am still undecided which way I would vote in November? It’s a joy to have so many good candidates, I must say!

  67. I never hear this kind of democrat talk in Texas, so it has been interesting to get this point of view. I have voted every time since I was old enough to vote, and for the first time I am thinking about sitting it out. McCain is mean, and there is no chance that I can jump in Camp Clinton or Camp Obama. I think that our national debt is out of control, and I have no clue how the very expensive plans that those running (and are currently in office) will help us when we are having to get loans from China to pay for things like the up and coming rebate checks. What a waste! I am not a historian, but I think I remember someone else promising “change” and making people’s skin get goosebumpy…. I think his name was Adolph Hitler.Whoever gets in office… I am not sure it will bake much of a difference anyway. I really WISH I could be more optimistic.

  68. As a Canadian, all I can do is sit and watch. I must say I am nervous. I couldn’t believe it when Bush won a second term. I sat in total shock, watching in horror when that happened. So a part of me feels hopeless and worried.If I were voting, I would vote Obama.

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