Something Old, Something New, Something a Little Disturbing

I’m amazed and honored at the great discussion my recent political post generated. It’s so nice to see a group, even with diverse opinions about candidates and priorities – including those who posted anonymously – all be able to discuss this stuff so civilly and thoughtfully.

(Okay, so there were a few anonymous exceptions that I had to delete. It’s so awesome when people say the most offensive things about women, minorities, liberals, diverse families, and then go wait a minute, why did you delete me? What did I say? Ignorance isn’t bliss. It sucks. And I’m not going to allow it here.)

It’s not easy to be level-headed when we all take this so personally. As we should. And so the fact that this awesome little exchange took place right here, under this stupid little off-center masthead of mine, well that’s just cool.

This is why I’m especially honored that Liz Thompson, aka The Hardest Working Blogger in Blogdom, saw fit to take a break from her 87 writing assignments and family of like, 72, and honor the post with a Perfect Post award.

Click over to Petroville and Suburban Turmoil for other winning posts that are definitely more worthy of your time than most of what’s on TV this weekend.


Congrats Julie, my dear friend, and now mama of three. Feel free to hit her blog and wish her a big “whoo!” on the birth of Oliver Sebastian and the end of cankles forever. No, this time for real. No really. Seriously. This is the last one.


Overheard from Thalia to Nate this afternoon: That’s not a booger. That’s mommy.

I suppose it’s good she knows the difference?


17 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New, Something a Little Disturbing”

  1. Congrats on the perfect post award. That particular post was wonderful and it made me think a lot about Hilary. I’m not her biggest fan but I did really like her stance on working families.Also, I loved telling my Rep friends that the Republican candidates have nothing about families and women on their sites.

  2. Hey!!! Congrats on the award. I’ve seen those awards around and have often wondered what constitutes a “perfect post.” Now I know.

  3. i read regularly but don’t often comment (don’t judge me) but i thought your previous political post kicked ass.

  4. I had a spelling mistake in my last comment, so it’s ok that I’m cracking up over the one in your title 🙂

  5. Ha, good catch kgirl! I suppose then this one is automatically disqualified from future Perfect Post awards?I wonder what dis-tubing is anyway. Sounds like what a woman does when she’s done having kids.

  6. Hey Liz, I’ve been quoting your investigative work on the candidate websites and it’s helped me make my official decision to support Hillary on Super Tuesday. I thought she was fantastic at the debate and I’m with her. See you soon… Bonnie

  7. Like jen, I read more often then I comment, but that post was brilliant, just brilliant.Congrats on the PP Award. Well deserved.

  8. I also read often, comment not so much. Congrats on the post. I liked it a lot…thought provoking.And I love Thalia’s commentary on things. It always leaves me smiling. Today’s is wonderful!!!!!

  9. Your elephant post was a stop everything you are doing and read that post or else – post. You deserve it. Better yet – it was not only a rant but had research to back it up… Can you do that research magic thingy you did on the topic of finding me a pair of jeans that can hide my muffin top?

  10. Congrats on the Perfect Post! I would have to agree that it was kick ass! I read your blog regularly so I know I’m not alone with boogers and Toddler PMS. Thanks!

  11. Oh always late to these parties, but I’m most impressed by Clinton too. In fact I support her 150%, though if Obama wins the nomination then I’ll support him 150% so…Congrats on the perfect post — it is great. I don’t have time to read all the comments so sorry if repeating, but the reason the GOP doesn’t address FMLA is because if all them women-folk were at home where they belong we wouldn’t need it, silly!

  12. Many thanks for the link – although, only 2 out of the 87 writing gigs is a paid assignment and my 72 children certainly appreciate the hits – you little booger, you ;o)

  13. Thank you for the congratulations, my friend – along with absolutely everything else.And Full House Liz rocks, as did your post. Three cheers for good discussion!

  14. I forwarded your post to a bunch of people, all of whom said to me, why aren’t your blogs like that? And I said, you’re missing the point. Become a Democrat.

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