It’s Got a Good Beat and You Can Dance To It

Nate: How do you spell “lambadamy”

Me: Lobotomy?

Nate: Lambadamy. Like that thing with your brain.

Me: Lambadamy. The forbidden neurosurgical procedure.


18 thoughts on “It’s Got a Good Beat and You Can Dance To It”

  1. I’m just curious why he wanted to know how to spell it. “Hey, so, I was thinking about going in for a Lambadamy — wait, how do you spell that?”

  2. Oh, so genius. “The forbidden neurological procedure.” Things like this convince me there is more to this life than, you know, laundry and colonoscopies.

  3. Slugs n snails are after meDDT makes me happyGonna get a phdI’m a teenage lambadamy!hehhehhe oh the joy of the ramones.hope y’all are doin well.

  4. i saw a documentary about them. ewwww. they stuck ice picks up into the eye socket into the brain + scraped them back + forth + called that a medical procedure. the guy would go to mental institutions + do hundreds in a day

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