We are worthy! We are worthy!

We are in, baby! Into the preschool with the the less than stellar “playdate”!



Dancing the happy dance in front of the mailman!

Dancing the happy dance in front of our sitter!

Crying tears of joy while I hug my confused daughter!

Calling everyone I know, most of whom don’t care!

Celebrating over adult beverages tonight with some of my favorite local blog friends turned real friends!

Dancing the happy dance with the dog!


Now I just have to figure out how the hell I pay for it.


37 thoughts on “We are worthy! We are worthy!”

  1. Congrats! Of course, in true NYC style I’m now feeling like there must be something wrong with the pre-school my kid is attending next year, since it’s first-come first-serve and we got in right away. *Sigh*

  2. Yay for you and Yay for Thalia! We already have our six month old on a waiting list at her big brother’s school, and we’re down in Philly, so I know your agony!

  3. Congratulations! What a relief.<>I hope your good fortune is contagious (I have bruised fingers and toes from crossing them in hopes of getting into our place).<>

  4. Congrats! I’m doing the happy dance with you. (except part of my happy dance is that the children are now in bed and I have time to blog. But mostly for you!)

  5. Congratulations! I am so jealous. We got the thin envelope with the letter that began “we regret to inform you.” *sigh* Trade school, here we come.

  6. Congratulations! Your blog posts have been very funny and entertaining to read… please keep it up. 🙂

  7. Congrats, though I have to say I, too, don’t really get it. Here in St. Louis, you might tour a couple preschools, but if one is full, you just go to the other one. Because, well, it’s just preschool.But I have read that in Manhattan, the preschool determines what grade school they’ll get into. And that is a bigger deal.I bought a house in an area with excellent public schools, so preschool really is all about having fun for my kids.

  8. Congratulations! Dance now, while you can. Moments like these are totally the ones that will keep you looking on the brighter side of the school daze. Not to be a downer, or anything. I’m just saying.Dance…dance, dance baby…dance!

  9. Good seeing you last night! A good night’s sleep has re-energized our excitement about Thalia and Cheeky’s future playdates…woo hoo! No chained-together walks to the park for us!On the other hand, I’ve been popping a lot of ibuprofen…shouldn’t have had that last porter.

  10. Please send some of that preschool mojo my way. We’re waiting with baited breath…

  11. That’s awesome! Next month I’m meeting some bloggy buds in real life for the first time.Not that that was the point of this post. I’m just sayin’…

  12. Still waiting for our smallish town acceptances! Can’t believe you had to take your 2-year-old to a play date in the middle of the afternoon. Who’s kidding! Congratulations.

  13. Congrats! Glad she made it! People actually camp out overnight out here to get into some of the preschools. Which is just a tad insane, tho two of my friends did it. With us, it’s who has the best peanut-free policy as DS has the allergy. So we, too, have preschool angst, just of a different flavor!

  14. Woot! Congratulations, Liz and Thalia.Thank God we live in the burbs where I had the choice of dozens of schools and all I had to do to get in was be early on registration day.

  15. As a confirmed non-parent, I am rolling my eyes and snorting. There are 4138 good reasons I don’t have kids. But I’m still glad you won at this insane process.

  16. Oh, congratulations!!!!!!!!You deserve a happy dance or ten!My process was a bit easier, not because my kids were charmers, but because there was only one school I could afford, lol. That made it real easy.

  17. Awesome! So glad the wait is over. Call me when you get in to Harvard, Thalia. I’ll send you flowers.

  18. A cry for help to all of you experienced NYC moms–I am new to this–how do you begin this whole preschool process? Is there a book or guide? I don’t even know which schools are supposed to be good and I am hugely intimidated.And BTW, I love this blog, it saved my life one night when I was doing a desperate google search for “cry it out”

  19. Oh EV mom, you were me a year ago. I feel ya. Check out < HREF="http://savvysource.com" REL="nofollow"> savvysource.com<> which is very helpful and comprehensive. Time Out Kids also did a decent enough primer on how to get started and what to look for. It should be searchable at timeoutnykids.com Happy to have saved your life – maybe you’ll save mine back some day. Got a cheap huge apartment to sell me?

  20. Thanks so much for the reply, I will check out this site, if only I had that apartment for you! But then, if I had a huge cheap apartment I would be hanging onto it for dear life.

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