Katie Couric: The Untold Story

I am officially a failure as a blogger.

Friday, as you may by know now, a group of us wimmins met with Katie Couric to talk about the viability of Katie as a blogger, and then Katie, the novice blogger, goes and writes about it before I do. Because you know – Katie Couric. First ever female anchor of network nightly news. Single mom of two. Shapely calves that I sense are not just owed to genetics.

Yeah, not really much going on in her life.

Entering CBS: Less the face of fear and more the face of I really have to pee

The back of my head loves the camera, logging a record 6 hours of air time.

Dueling Katies! I spot four…but which one is real?

Since by now pretty much everyone has written about it before me I figured I would have no choice but to embrace the sloppy seconds, the paltry table scraps of a story that is left, and to simply point to Katie’s own excellent blogging and vlogging of the event.

But aha! Not so!

For after checking each of those blogs, I realize that no one has yet told the true story of what went on in that shiny white office high atop 57th Street that fateful afternoon.

Katie and Beth get Spin the Bottle off to an excellent start

Lisa Stone laughs as the bottle mysteriously points to her
the fourth time in a row

Amanda apologies for her chapped lips, having forgotten her
Burts Bees in her other diaper bag that morning

Devra, Danielle, and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Head
look disheartened as the bottle lands on Lisa yet again.

Hoping to get Joanne – she’s dreamy!

Sorry Katie – I love you and you’re cool and warm and smart and engaging and all that, but the real facts had to come out sometime. I know I told you I’m not a journalist but I do have integrity.


26 thoughts on “Katie Couric: The Untold Story”

  1. PunditMom blushing here! Thanks for putting a shot of my hands taking a photo of Katie, even tho’ the pic really looks like I’m putting my hand on Beth’s lap! Sorry. 🙂And it was time for the untold story. But that should help Katie’s ratings when this leaks out to the tabloids!

  2. I like Katie! She is doing a great job on the news. Did she look tired?

  3. That looks like fun!!Different topic- I think you wrote a post a while back about Toddler PMS? Do you have a link for it? I remember it was hysterical and was looking for it the other day to send to someone.Thanks!!Danielle

  4. I knew that there was more to this than everyone else was letting on. You are one ace girl reporter, Liz.

  5. Thanks Danielle! < HREF="mom-101.blogspot.com/2008/01/toddler-pms.html" REL="nofollow">Toddler PMS<>(Psst, if you fill in your email address on your comments, no one sees it but me.)

  6. Katie Couric, kareoke, and spin the bottle…sounds like a dream come true! How do I get in on this action? Do I have to pop out a kid or two? That could be arranged…

  7. Love your “spin” on the story, Liz! Believe it or not, I’m still catching up after BlogHer and vaca so your’s was the first I’ve actually read (tracked from twitter) – I saw the posts but haven’t had a chance to read. No failure at all…

  8. Kimberly is so not telling the whole story. Our group did seven minutes of heaven in Katie’s wardrobe closet. I was going to keep it under wraps but since your bragging about spin the bottle…

  9. When the Dad Bloggers were all invited out to Memphis by Bear-Wrasslin’ Jack Scrubdit we also played spin the bottle.Must be a blogger thing.

  10. Angie, Indeed, they are great perks. But don’t forget, they are only perks and secondary to the primary reason that I blog: The $75 a month I make in ad revenue.

  11. I haven’t blogged about our time with Katie yet. I was going to title my post “Kiss Me Katie!” but dammit woman, you blogged first!

  12. Hey, I tried to use my best blogger- trying-to-look-serious-while-meeting celebrity face on…

  13. Am so jealous. Silently seething over here and it’s not just because you got to meet KC. No, it’s because you take such good candid pictures. GAH, if you could see mine, they would make you physically ill. I always end up looking either a) demented or b) like a chronic insomniac who’s finally about to doze off.Thanks for the recap. It looked like a hella good time!

  14. Hey Liz, you gave me another good laugh today. Well I’ve been reading you for a whole 15months now and am finally delurking, thanks for the advice, wisdom and support!

  15. I’m so happy for you! And I’m not at all jealous, only just a little sad that my blog (my writing?) will never be good enough to attract such awesome opportunities. BUT DUDE, this is such an UPGRADE from Montel. haha Congratulations!

  16. um awesome is all I have to say & congrats! too bad there’s lots of rumors going around about Katie’s job, but no matter what happens with her, I think she was brave for making the jump to evening news.

  17. Thanks so much for posting the Toddler PMS link- it’s not taking me there though. Am I doing it all wrong?My email address should be attached to my comment. I hope…Thanks!!!

  18. i feel personally responsible, because i encouraged you to go ahead + join the new york moms (+ i emailed punditmom to tell her they were looking for dc moms. so i’m vicariously your adventures in bloggerhood 🙂

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