Our Own Little “Digital-Era Sweatshop”

Maybe this NY Times article explains why I’ve been so lax to update this weekend. I like blogging, but I’d rather my obit not read She was found face down on her computer with the esc key stuck to her cheek.

I’ve got so much to write about:
-A visit with Katie Couric (I know!).
-Some thoughts on BlogHer Biz this week and why bloggers and PR folks cannot seem to figure each other out. (Read live blogging accounts of my panels here and especially here with thanks to Rita and Shannon for sacrificing their finger joints that others might get to see me say vagina to a room of 300 people.)
-Perhaps most importantly, the notorious blogger karaoke pics from Friday night. I do hear Mama K has video, damn those Flip Cams.

But for now, I’m off to get the kids at my mom’s, even if they would be happy to stay there forever. Because I miss them painfully, madly, deeply. I only miss posting half that much.

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