Hey Bill Engvall, here’s one for your Google Alerts

Ring, Ring.


“Hey Liz, want to sit down over brunch with some other bloggers and two cool comedians to talk comedy and parenting and their new show on TBS?”

“Will there be cantaloupe? Because it’s in season now and it is really delicious.”

I wish there were more dirt to share about the celebs. Bill Engvall is a guy you could totally hang out with for three hours and trade stories about your kids. It’s impressive that Mr. Blue Collar comedy could hold his own in a room of white collar NYC moms dangling Ora Kiely totes and teetering on Jimmy Choos. (The moms, not Bill Engvall.) But you’ve got to like a guy whose favorite Father’s Day gift of all time was a ’77 van his wife bought him when they probably could have afforded a Cayenne.

Tim Meadows is, well, he was the longest standing cast member of SNL after ten seasons, but is still known as That Black Guy on SNL so that alone qualifies him for some sort of honor. Plus he mentioned that had he not been doing comedy he’d be writing bad ad copy, he did improv and I did improv, he worked with Michael Richards and I worked with Michael Richards, and and he used to work with Adam Sandler who was my college boyfriend’s best friend in high school in New Hampshire. So if you think about it, we’re practically related.

I haven’t watched my screener yet because I’m still two weeks behind on Lost. But it would seem The Bill Engvall Show is a solid, mainstream, family-friendly sitcom about parenting and families and the things they do. Kind of like The Family Guy.

So we talked about parenting and families and the things they do, about Facebook and teens, about which women are funny these days, and why people with blogs post mean personal attacks on celebrities.

(Answer: The same reason people with blogs post mean personal attacks on each other. I believe the proper term is asshattery.)

I think I am fast becoming the B-list momblogger PR whore, attending any press event that will send me home with a goody bag. I’m just like the celebs at those Hollywood baby graft gifting suites, grinning for the Nikons while waving their free $26.99 minkie blankets.

Holly Robinson-Peet, Jason Priestly, some soap opera star, Mr. Tori Spelling.


I did insist on getting a blurry photo before I left. You can’t leave without getting a blurry photo, you know.

Was I grabbing Tim Meadows’ ass? I will never tell.


21 thoughts on “Hey Bill Engvall, here’s one for your Google Alerts”

  1. I have a Bill Engvall comedy CD from several years ago. It still gives me a good laugh, even though I’ve heard the jokes about 20 times. First, Gloria Steinem. Now, Bill Engvall and Tim Meadows. What next? If you start getting invitations to meet with Johnny Depp to talk about parenting, let me know. That’s when I’ll start popping out kids and amping up my bloggy game.

  2. Wow! You really are a blogebrity. I thought that was just a rumor. 😉 That’s so cool. I think sitting down with those gentlemen would be fun and hilarious! It sure does look like you’re grabbing behind…too funny.

  3. How FUN! I love Bill and Tim both.I gotta say though, my celebrity blogging gig is worth some good money so yeah, I’m guilty of being one of those asshatteritish people (that is SO a word). It’s all tongue in cheek though. Well except the stuff about Pamela Anderson. She brings it on herself. Ha ha.

  4. <>The Bill Engvall Show<> is just like <>Family Guy<>? I don’t know if that’s awesome or not…..:}Peter: <>Hey Lois, this is just like that time I met Helen Keller and I had to keep smacking her in the face saying <> “No, No, Helen Keller. <>Here<> is your sign.”

  5. How fun! My favorite thing of Tim Meadows was his appearance on The Office, and I haven’t really seen anything of Bill Engvall, but if he’s cool enough to hang out with you, I’ll check him out!When you catch up on LOST, we must discuss!!!

  6. By the look on his face, I’d say you were! Glad you had fun, I’d do just about anything for a goody bag! 🙂

  7. B List?!! Hardly, you’re a self-deprecating “A” lister to be sure, and that’s why we love you. All hail Mom101, electronic media juggernaut!

  8. I have utterly no idea who Bill Engvall is, but the chance to grab Tim Meadows’ ass should never be piddled away.And, I think the proper term you were looking for might actually be “douchebaggery.”

  9. “Quack” Moore who worked with Adam Sandler on SNL, played piano accompaniment for the Orchid Isle Youth Orchestra and my kids recital.So that means…Please tell us what you got in your goody bag!

  10. My favorite Tim Meadow sketch from SNL was when he’d come on the news as Ike Turner. Kevin Nealon was the anchor and he’d always use Kevin’s whole name. “Why you trying to hurt me, Kevin Nealon?” So, I’m a little jealous. But if you write me, I have a funny little story to tell you (just for you).

  11. If I didn’t love you so much, I would totally go all Single White Female and try to become you but if I remember correctly, that movie totally didn’t end well, so….. 😉SO very jealous. Love those two men. Bill Engvall had me at “Here’s your sign. He had me at “Here’s your sign.” *sigh*By the way, just how long are your coat-tails and do you mind if I ride them? *grin*

  12. You should make Nate get into TV news. Then you’d have even more PR parties to choose from. My only criterion is that the drinks are free. And then I’m so totally there, no matter what they’re pitching. We call them “Date Nights on a Budget.”

  13. Hah – from the look on his face, I think yes, your hand is in an interesting place! 😉

  14. Actually I know Tim Meadows personally, and by his expression you did NOT have you hand on his ass. However, I can tell by his experession he was hoping you would…

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