33 thoughts on “These are the Moments That One Day Your Kids Will Ask About.”

  1. Oy. Don’t forget, they’re all politicians.…but I’d rather him than Clinton. And I am glad I have lived to see a minority and a woman with a legit shot at the presidency.

  2. Yes. Though I do wish that Hillary had actually CONCEDED in her CONCESSION speech.Did someone not send her the memo?Her campaign staff is being maddeningly divisive.IMO.

  3. Glad to be feeling so proud of my country again.BTW… it isn’t only Americans who will be telling the story to their children. This is a BIG day for Africa. You should see the smiles!

  4. I did a little nakie-dance last night when my husband told me. Luckily for you all, it was behind closed doors without a camera. Whew, huh?!

  5. As a non-American, I too am excited by Obama and what he represents for your country, and the ultimately for all of us on the globe as our countries are so integrated now.

  6. That’s a really lovely thought, sceintistmother – and I think that’s exactly what we’re going for when we support a candidate like Obama. Thanks so much for the comment.

  7. I am honestly giddy about it! I watched all the speeches last night with a huge smile on my face and couldn’t help getting all teary-eyed. This is going to be an interesting race to the White House. Go Obama!

  8. Yes and we will be like, Oh I remember when that happened and they’ll say, OH MOM, YOU ARE SO OLD.Lookin’ forward to it.

  9. ..but did you know that he won’t even say the pledge of allegiance? how can we have a president that won’t even put his hand over his heart like all of our fore-fathers??

  10. Oh JESUS FUCKING CHRIST anon. Do me a favor and research racist internet rumors before you post them here. You look like an ass. Or at least your IP address does.

  11. Love your comment to anon!A woman after my own heart! 🙂My husband and I were saying the same thing last night… history in the making… and we all got to witness it.Great post. Best,Audrey

  12. I felt such a burst of pride last night. Yes, We Can!!!!!THis is why we marched int he 60s and I wondered if I would ever see it happen.

  13. By the way, for any other people who are too lazy too google Obama Plege of Allegiance or click over to snopes.com, < HREF="http://thinkonthesethings.wordpress.com/2007/11/02/barack-obama-refused-to-say-the-pledge-of-allegiance-youve-been-played-for-a-daggone-fool/" REL="nofollow">here’s a great post<> dispelling that stupid rumor which is right up there with Obama being sworn into the senate on the koran, and the rat in the bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  14. He gives an amazing speech and provides the most uplifting message in decades. I’m mesmerized when I watch and listen to him. But then, when he’s done talking, I start thinking. I keep wondering if he has anything to offer other than great speeches.

  15. You know Tricia, I definitely said the same at one point. I totally hear you. But then I realized you know, he’s got energy, he’s hard working, he’s motivated, he’s got a helluva resume (you don’t get to be the head of the Harvard Law Review jut by giving good speeches), and in the end, he’s the kind of guy who makes people want to be in his foxhole. When Obama says follow me, people around the world say…okay. Where to?Fabulous trait for a diplomat and politician.I believe.

  16. Not to be a naysayer, but I don’t see what is so monumental about this. I know the man is black but why is that even an issue? Honestly I think a man’s character, integrity, history, and values should push him to the presidency. Not saying Obama doesn’t have these qualities, but they are definitely not the traits being noticed.Jesse< HREF="http://instantamber.com/" REL="nofollow" TITLE="Amber Alert">Amber Alert<>

  17. You know what’s funny Jesse? I swear when I posted this I wasn’t even thinking that it was so monumental because he was black.(Of course it comes across that way, doesn’t it. The pitfalls of brevity.) I was thinking that this is the next JFK – or RFK. The guy who’s going to change the world over the next eight years, right some wrongs, inspire a new generation of young people to public service, and start a new era of positivity in this country. I can’t wait to be able to tell my kids about the moment he became the candidate. The black thing…yeah that’s important. But not as important as everything else.

  18. Just seeing that screen capture gets me all choked up. “This is our time!” If he choses Mark Warner as his running mate, my political heart might explode!

  19. Long-time lurker, first-time commenter here…I think it is his character, intelligence, etc. that will push him to the presidency. But him being black is also noteworthy because a lot of people didn’t think they’d see this in their lifetime–when Obama was born, blacks didn’t even have the right to vote! That blows my mind and inspires me all the more to believe that “yes we can” change America.

  20. As a Canuck with an American mom, can I just say that my husband and I have been glued to the screen watching the primaries. American politics are fascinating. Black, white, purple, man/woman, it doesn’t matter. It was an amazing race to watch between two candidates… an African-American and a woman. Go USA! “The times, they are a changin'”

  21. I laughed outloud at your response to anonymous, Liz, because God: enough with the racist, erroneous emails for fuck’s sake. And while I am happy, I am somewhat filled with dread. The questions about Obama’s patriotism, the declarations that he is a Muslim-extremist trying to infiltrate “our” government, the RFK comparisons… it all has me slightly on edge. The ignorance that I come across daily in my travels (just the other day, a colleague in Maine told me he knows FOR A FACT that Obama’s got ties to Islamic extremists, and that the McCain campaign is going to come out with that info any day now)… I suppose I’m saying, I hope we can.By the way, have you read the piece about RFK in Vanity Fair this month?

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