Three, on Three


“Do you know what’s so special about your birthday Thalia?”


“Well, before your birthday, three years ago, I wasn’t a mommy yet.”

A long pause. Realization. A gasp.

“Were you…a daddy?”

Happy birthday Bungo. I love you for this reason and a million more.


38 thoughts on “Three, on Three”

  1. “Yes, my little pumpkin. My name used to be Larry.” That photo of you two is gorgeous. Happy Birthday to Thalia! Amazing to realize she is three already.

  2. Happy Birthday Thalia!And Liz, I swear you look the same as you did in High School (Go Tigers!). What is your secret?

  3. Oh man, I was SURE you were going to say you were expecting your third!!! I had to read it twice to get it. Ha!

  4. Happy Birthday Thalia!! She’s so cute! Happy third Mommaversary to you too!!I really hope you weren’t a dad before you were a mom. That’d be like that guy/girl having the baby as a man…ewwwwwwww.

  5. SO. CUTE.Hey I think that’s quite a compliment she paid you. You’re such a good parent she can’t imagine you doing anything else.

  6. Awe.Some. Happy Birthday Thalia! (and happy Parentiversary Liz!) Come to MA sometime, I’ll teach you how to drive as a special present from me to you.(Incidentally, I forgot that Iris and Thalia were born in the same week, we’ll be celebrating the big “Oh-Three” on Sunday!) YAY FOR THREE!

  7. Happy Birthday to a beautiful punkin. Isn’t it weird to realize what a short fraction of our lives we’ve been parents, but how much more has happened in those years? Deep thoughts, from too much coffee.

  8. Happy Birthday Thalia. My Gabriel just turned 3, too. 7/7He loves showing me how many years he is on his fingers.

  9. Happy Birthday Brilliant Girl–one day you will look back on mommy’s posts and realize how proud you make her and how much material you gave her. Ask for a portion of the proceeds. 🙂Liz, you look absolutely radiant in that picture.

  10. Classic!My grandpa used to tell my uncle when he was a little boy, “You’ll be a man before your mother.” Confused him to no end.Congrats to the third power on year three going on four!wmw in OR

  11. Feliz cumpleaños numero trés, Thalia!(did I say that right?)And to mom & dad, three is a really fun age. Enjoy!

  12. Trying to come up with something witty and clever about you being a daddy before Thalia but I’m stuck on her cuteness. (And my mind is fuzzed from wine.LOL)Here’s to the best year yet.Can’t wait to see you friend.

  13. Oh my god Liz, she’s so big. That’s an awesome picture of the two of you. Three years old? Last time I came by, I don’t even think she was quite two yet. Have a blast at Blog-her.Issa

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