The picky eater’s Thanksgiving

I asked Thalia what she thought she was going to have for Thanksgiving dinner and she showed me this picture she drew for her first “homework” at preschool.

The meal consists of:
-a carrot
-one french fry
-“pink sauce”

At least clean-up will be easy.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and delicious Thanksgiving.


24 thoughts on “The picky eater’s Thanksgiving”

  1. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving Feast to me! I especially love pink sauce…In Willa’s pre-school a few years ago, they had the kids give their recipes for Thanksgiving foods and then made it into recipe books for everyone to keep. If I recall Willa’s turkey recipe correctly, it went like this: Put the turkey in the pan with one piece of celery. Bake for 10 minutes. Add one piece of carrot and blow on the turkey. Eat!(She left out the going to the emergency room with food poisoning part!)Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I don’t want to alarm you, but I think that’s not a carrot. It looks like a goldfish.(Maybe the pink sauce is Pepto?)Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  3. Oh Alexis, that’s great! Well I guess the “bake for ten minutes” thing wouldn’t be so bad if she was having what it seems like we’re having. And Marinka: Pepto. Perfect. She’d be more likely to eat it than the turkey, it seems.

  4. Have you tried adding pink food coloring to everything you make? Pink mashed potatoes, pink pancakes, pink, er, sauce? Of course, you’d probably stop eating b/c that just sounds icky to me, but she may love it. . .Rest assured that Sage will try everything!Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I’m thankful I don’t have to cook a turkey.

  5. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it was for the Pilgrims to make that pink sauce — don’t you need a Cuiseinart for that?

  6. Pink sauce! One French Fry! How perfect. Wish I could stop at one french fry though. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. My daughter is now 19, and she’s STILL a picky eater, especially at Thanksgiving. No gravy. No vegetables. And God forbid if the foods touch. She does love that jellied cranberry sauce in a can. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.

  8. At my four year old nieces day care they had to draw what they were thankful for… My lovely niece drew toilet paper, a bed, and the sun. When questioned as to why she was thankful for these things. She very simply said, well the sun is so it wont be dark all the time, the bed is so I dont have to sleep on the ground, and my favorite was, the toilet paper because you have to wipe so your butt does not get itchy!!! I almost peed myself when my sister told me!! THANK GOD FOR CHARMIN!! Remember ladies no one likes a butt scratcher!!!

  9. THANKFULLY, I’m not the one responsible for cooking this year. Because if I WERE, it would truly be fries and pink sauce.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Dude, where are the magic mushrooms? That is the most festive and bright and glorious Thanksgiving meal ever.Pink sauce. I think it’s a mix of cranberries and flour. Sort of like a roux. A rouge roux.Say that fast and they’ll take away your wine.Have a Happy Feast! And many blessings to your family. Thank you for sharing all of you with us.

  11. That’s one of the sweetest little stories I’ve heard all week. And btw, I knew little girls were obsessed with pink, but I had never heard of the obsession extending to food before this. You have to love how innoncent kids are…

  12. “Pink sauce”?? That’s cranberry sauce. Attagirl!!Wishing you all a happy, healthy holiday. Mwah.

  13. Well, Thalia is obviously way advanced for her age – I think the pink sauce she is referring to is a Pomegranate Chutney. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. I could really go for some french fries right now – I’ve been eating leftover mashed potatoes for every meal. Don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome, but right now I’m really craving a trip to Red Robin…

  15. Change crackers to Chicken Nuggets (homemade), and ketchup for “pink sauce” and you pretty much have my daughter’s thanksgiving feast

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