Three letters

You know what’s nice? Spending the weekend with your 11 year old nephew and seeing the world through his eyes.

I forgot how the idea of free slippers in an upscale hotel can be the single coolest thing in the world. Or as he put it to the bellman who showed us upstairs, “I can only think of three letters to describe this place: W.O.W.”

You should have seen how he reacted to the concept of a minibar. A minibar with Oreos.


15 thoughts on “Three letters”

  1. Ten dollar Oreos, I’m sure.

    I just stayed in a hotel recently with the 5yr old and the 2yr old. I don’t think the younger got it much, but it was a <>big<> deal to my son.

  2. I’ve never stayed in a hotel that nice, but I always thought it was so awesome that, on school trips, we got to stay in hotels. I stayed on the Boardwalk in San Antonio two years in a row for math competitions, (yes I’m a giant nerd) and it was the coolest thing I ever did at 14 and 15.

  3. TD absolutely loved the minibar and slippers. The flashlight though? That was the biggest hit. She used it the whole time we were there.

    We did indulge in the oreos and some potato chips while watching Sponge Bob. It was awesome.

    Great meeting you too and your nephew! He seemed to have such a great time.

  4. True story! 11 year olds have a way of showing you what appreciation really means. Love it.

  5. A few months back, my family stayed at a “spa and resort” together while my hubby attended a conference. Within 5 minutes of being there, my 3 year old christened our room “the pretty bedroom”. Wherever we went that week, all she asked about was “when can we go back to the pretty bedroom?” She was devastated to learn that we eventually had to go home.

  6. Throught the eyes of a child is the best. We took our son to the cinema. He said it was the magic red room, because ofthe l.e.d’s on the stairs. Next time we go he wants to sit in the magic blue rom.

  7. We took 20 kids between 10-18 on a 10 day, 10 city tour. We expected the 10 year olds to misbehave in the hotels and the 18 year olds to behave. How naive! It was the other way around….

  8. Funny how we’ve become so jaded about things. Free slippers and (not so free) Oreos are kinda cool.

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