Blogging – your very own digital ginkgo biloba

Sometimes there are just moments I want to remember, even though I don’t have a whole post’s worth to say about them.

Thalia at about two years old, looking at a beer and calling it “Daddy Juice.”

The look of absolute joy on Thalia’s face the first time she saw Pinnochio reunite with Geppetto.

Sage’s face when she eats lemons. And yes, she eats lemons.

Sage taunting Thalia by calling her “Thali-yuck,” as I realize that we didn’t create a nickname-proof name after all.

The kids eating chapstick.

Thalia receiving a box as a gift, and geniuinely exclaiming, “Oh, thank you!” and fondling it and holding it to her cheek – before she realized there was actually something inside the box.

Watching Sage stick her fingers in a dead fish’s eyeball.

Tricking Thalia into eating fried calamari by calling it Chinese french fries. (It worked.)

Tricking Thalia into eating turkey meatballs by calling them Kidballs. (It didn’t work.)

Sage putting on my sunglasses and saying, “I’m Bob Dylan!”

The endless (endless!) renditions of Little Rabbit Foo Foo.

(One day the video might actually work. Sigh.)

Sometimes you just have to write them down and hit publish. Because you think you’ll remember, but you won’t. You really won’t. And that would be a shame.


27 thoughts on “Blogging – your very own digital ginkgo biloba”

  1. That's why I blog, too. I didn't start until my son was born and my daughter was almost 4, and so I've just started devoting a day each week to looking back at what I can still remember of her babyhood and earliest, undocumented years.

    It's why I'll always be grateful for blogging. It's for them, just as much as it's for me.

  2. I feel the same way to that sometimes the little things that make your day are not enough to write a post about but are what make you smile the most that day.

  3. You are so right. Usually I blog to vent or think, but sometimes it's just to remember. I don't want to forget all the sweetness and hilarity.

    This video is adorable. Almost makes me want to try for #2 in hopes of having a girl… almost, but not quite.


  4. Beautiful. I love this. You're right my girls are only nine months and already I'm forgetting. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Chinese french fries are anexcellent name for a food. We're going to have to try that one.

    The baby filched a piece of sushi off my plate last night and wolfed it down, so he's on the right track.

  6. So true. I try to write down the things I don't blog in journals for each child but, as they get older, I do it less and less. And forget more and more.

    The good news is that even when they aren't toddlers anymore, they still provide a lot of material for me to try to remember.

  7. Good for you. Since I'm a blog holdout, I have to write it down in their baby books. So I don't forget those precious, hilarious and ridiculous moments.

    Like when we were at church and Lucas looked down at his clasped hands and explained (loudly), “This is how I hold my hands when I poop!”

    Or the way Phoebe likes to feel up her grandmas and say, “Ooooooh. Nice boobies!”

  8. Mrs Q, just this morning, Thalia was saying to Sage over the breakfast table: “Here are my boobs. Where are your boobs? That's not boobs! You have to do this…”

    I didn't look to she what she was doing. But I can imagine.

  9. Have mercy, I wouldn't eat something called Kidballs either. You're girls are a hoot! So glad you share with us. And “I'm Bob Dylan” is classic. You're raising these gals right.

  10. That is definitely my main reason I started blogging, one of these days I'll get it all made into books. What an amazing memory.

  11. I love rereading my blog posts. I'm my own biggest fan! 😉 Hey, someone should read, right?

    These moments are the best, and I hope to never forget the little things my kids say and do…

  12. So sweet. My daughter loves lemons too. We order them instead of bread at a restaurant to keep her occupied while we wait for our food.

  13. my older son (he's 3) went through a serious lemon-loving stage around 9 months. Maybe he had scurvy. Maybe it's developmental. I forgot about it until I read this post. Thanks. For the memories…

  14. 🙂 Can I borrow your mom? I need that Grandmother in my kids lives! Thanks for sharing the glimpse.

  15. Wonderful post … I kept a journal in my desk and wrote down all the extra-cute things my son said when he was little. I knew I'd never remember them all, and now I'm so glad I have them written down!

  16. I started blogging way before I even thought about having a baby, but now that she is here, she is all I blog about. I have turned into a mmmy blogger! I blog about every little thing that she does, and I love knowing that my writing will always be there (with pictures!) for me to go back to when I can't remember the way things used to be.

  17. What a sweet list!

    And at least Little Rabbit Foo Foo has words. I have to listen to two little girls “aah aah aaaaaaaah” like the Little Mermaid sings when Ursula takes her voice.

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