Making her feminist mama proud

The fairy princess doctor races off to save her next patient. Possibly with magic. More likely with Dora band-aids.

18 thoughts on “Making her feminist mama proud”

  1. so cute! can't stand it. my 19 m old likes blues clues ears when she practices medicine… 🙂

  2. fairy princess is in the genes – my oldest was never called Princess, we rarely dressed her in anything pink, nor was her room/decor/bedding pink or purple, and yet what is her favorite color? Purple. what does she wear EVERY SINGLE DAY? A fairy dress. What does she constantly ask for? to have her nails painted and put on makeup and jewelry. And yet she will tackle her brother like a defensive lineman. So I guess it's ok. Oh, and when she does her doctoring it is all about your forehead – no clue where that idea came from

  3. Awesome! I saw a shirt during the presidential election when Hillary was still in the running that said, “President, not Princess”. My 4 year-old isn't buying it–yet. I keep trying :).

  4. My kids' pediatrician told me that she was chatting up a 5-year old boy patient and asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. He couldn't come up with anything.

    She said, “How about a doctor?”

    “That's for girls,” he replied.

    She was shocked to have all the ego she had built up for herself about being a female doctor, the breadwinner for her 5 person family, taken for granted by this kid.

    I guess we're at the edge of a new era. Your girls might think cooking is for daddies. My mom (59) owns an ad agency, so mine think that marketing is for grandmas.

  5. Beautiful. What a great picture. Can't wait for my girls to play dress-up. Does she want two nine month old friends? Love her style!

  6. How cute.I love her little wand. Makes me want a little girl. I already have my little boy so I hope the next ones a girl.

  7. Adorable photo!

    The preschool princess doctor in my household has declared that she only treats other princesses, kittens, and sick mommies 🙂

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