With apologies to that terrible children’s book

“Do you know how much I love you Thalia?”

“Thiiiis much.”

“That’s right. Or maybe more than that.”

“Up to the ceiling?”

“Even higher! What’s higher than the ceiling?”

“The trees!”

“Yes, I love you up to the trees. And what’s higher than the trees?”

“The sky!”

“Yes, and what’s higher than the sky?”

“A dragon! A really big big dragon!”

“Okay, then I love you as high as a dragon. And what’s higher than a dragon?”


“The stars?”

“No, a giant!”

“Okay, I love you as high as a giant. And what’s higher than a giant?”


“The sun?”

“No. The giant is the biggest thing. It’s a big giant.”

“Okay. Then I love you as high as a big giant.”

“Me too mommy.”


21 thoughts on “With apologies to that terrible children’s book”

  1. That's way better than that dumb ol' book any day. 🙂

    (Okay, to be fair, I actually really like that book. But I also really like your version. They're equally awesome in different ways.)

  2. I never liked that book either (although my daughter loves it AND the crappy DVD that came with it). It always seems like the dad was trying to one-up his own kid! What's up with that?
    Your version is much, much better!

  3. Anon, YES! Thank you for understanding! I was like what's with the dad who has to win the “I love you more” game? He's got the odds because he has a longer paw span to begin with.

  4. I want someone to say that to me – how utterly adorable! All I want to know now is… What color is the giant, and are the giant and the dragon friends?

  5. And I'd imagine, Marketing Mommy, that the answer would be emphatically, “No! A Giant!”

    (Will have to check out the book, thanks!)

  6. Totally sweet. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates these books. The one where the mom creeps into the son's room when he's an adult and married and rocks him in her lap kinda creeps me out, too. My mom loved it, and said she still felt that way. Maybe when my baby is grown up, I'll understand, but for now I just say, um….yeah.

  7. Has she been talking to Henry? Because to Henry the biggest it “up to the giant.” As in – “Mom, can I have big piece – up to the giant?”

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  9. I love this. We have a variation that goes like, “i love you more than all the sand on the beach” and “i love you more than all the starfish in the sky”.

    And, is this the book where the child says one thing and then the parent one-ups them? And, it's right before slamming the ball in the kid's face and saying, “I WIN!” (or at least that's how it feels to me). Yeah, don't like that book either.

  10. This is so sweet. I, too, loathe the original, but dig this remix. My 3 yr old currently is obsessed with becoming a giant, “even bigger than Daddy” who's 6'. He's also obsessed with dragons and whether they are real or imaginary. FYI, Puff was real. But those dinosaurs that “kinda look like dinosaurs” are imaginary. According to him, anyway.


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