You can’t watch this and not smile

Yesterday I had the privilege of spending the afternoon at Atlantic Records on a fun little consulting project with some other bloggers I love.  While we were there (feeling hopelessly uncool and un-rock star like next to all the ginormous posters of Kid Rock and Led Zeppelin and Missy Elliot) we got a live, personal performance from the adorable guys from Straight No Chaser – you know, the a cappella group who did the hilarious 12 Days of Christmas riff last year and got like 400 billion views on You Tube? Yes, them.

They were so kind, they didn’t toss me out the 26th floor window when I blurted out that the only thing more embarrassing than being in an a cappella group was being a blogger

Um. Sorry.

To make it up to them, I’m making it my personal mission to make you all fall in love with these guys like we did. This is their cover of Brian Setzer’s Hey Santa. Is it too early for Christmas music? Tough.

Man I always wished I could sing. But I’ll settle for being able to make jokes that don’t offend the entire room.


19 thoughts on “You can’t watch this and not smile”

  1. heh. heh heh.

    it was a funny joke because it's true. sometimes the truth hurts. I mean, come on! there's a reason why Andy Bernard is in an a capella group! I'm just saying.

    (also that is SO the kind of thing I would do, so you're not alone.)

  2. The best jokes are at one's own expense. For what it's worth your joke didn't register as being uncomfortable or innappropriate at the time (or even now).

  3. They are adorable! And i'll admit it, I dig a cappella. The idea that you can create complex musical streams without dropping thousands of dollars on a musical instrument (my frikkin' violin bow alone cost $2000 and that was a “bargain”) is pretty awesome! -Christine

  4. Jeannine, they were all adorable. I wanted to pick a favorite to fixate on but it was close to impossible.

  5. I'm one of those that can listen to Christmas music anytime. And since I have no idea on anything with new music, I thank you for sharing this. And you're right, I'm in love with them now.

    P.S. I wanted to introduce myself to you during Blogher Conf. but you were always so busy. I really wanted to meet you 🙂


  6. Aw MJ, I'm sorry you didn't say hi! I think I had some free time at 5:45 AM on Sunday morning.

  7. Thanks. I love these guys. I bought their album last Christmas and wore it out.
    Open mouth, insert foot. That's why you are a writer! LOL

  8. HEY! I was in an a cappella group for three years at Stanford. And I'm a blogger too. That makes me, like, a double loser! How sad for me… 🙁

  9. I love a capella groups. Especially when they are not annoying and they are composed of cute young guys 🙂

    Oy. Did you really say that? I love that you are so awesome and yet still as human as the rest of us 😉

  10. OK, the only thing worse than being a double loser like Lara–blogger AND former member of a cappella group–is to be the second commenter to claim that dubious honor. Cuz yes, I am a blogger and yo, proud former member of the Sweet Tones of Sweet Briar College. Dude, I arranged music and blew into the pitch pipe so we all started on key and EVERYTHING. As for Straight no Chaser, I'm sure they rock but honestly, I can't listen to Xmas music unless it's Xmas. It weirds me out.

  11. shut UP! You got a personal performance by Straight No Chaser??? I am insanely jealous. Have you heard their Sitcom Medley? You'll have the “Charles in Charge” theme song stuck in your head for DAYS. They are brilliant and no, it's never too early for Christmas music! Thanks for sharing 😉

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