Don’t eat the brown snow

“Rain is kind of like pee Mommy. And poop…is like snow.” 

Why is that?

“Because they both fall down.”

So how is poop like snow?

“Well, because you can break it. And it’s bigger. But some poops are smaller. Like snowflakes.”

That’s poetry Thalia. 

“I know.”


18 thoughts on “Don’t eat the brown snow”

  1. That was truly prolific. I forwarded this on to like 4 of my friends (okay my only friends) and they all loved it. So hilarious.

  2. She is truly thoughtful and observant. When my daughter was about that age she told me thunder didn't make noise if it drank wine. Out of the mouths of babes.

  3. @Kane's Mom – Make sure you keep a pen and paper handy to write down the funny things he says. Also? The unusual thing you might say to him in response!

  4. she's adorable. gotta love those special talks about poo and pee. thalia has given me a whole new perspective on the subject. take care.

  5. And she's already embracing diversity with her colorblind outlook (snow being white, poop being … any number of colors). Genius indeed.

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