Valentine’s Day: Where romance isn’t dead, it’s just sleeping really soundly.

The note card that accompanied the two dozen beautiful pink and white roses read,

I had these flowers murdered for you to show how much I love you. 

Classic Nate.

I sensed he had a little more up his sleeve last night when he raced home from work around 6:30 so we could actually eke out some semblance of a Valentine’s Day together. So I ran out to grab some wine, poured us each a glass, put the crazy, overtired kids to sleep around 8…

 and promptly fell asleep next to them.

So now I’m in the doghouse. But at least it smells like roses in here.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Hope your partners hate you less than mine hates me right now.


18 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: Where romance isn’t dead, it’s just sleeping really soundly.”

  1. Wait, so it was _your_ responsibility to put the kids to bed and somehow _you're_ the one in the doghouse?

  2. Did he write the card before or after you fell asleep? 🙂 I say if you can't fall asleep on the ones you love… This is our first vday with our 8 month old daughter and while I actually bought him a card from me in advance I totally forgot about the daddy card! Oh well! Happy valentine's day!

  3. My husband is working non-stop right now, so he's the one in the doghouse around here. Thankfully, he did have the good sense to buy me vast quantities of chocolate in which to drown my sorrow.

  4. well, there's always the go-to-a-cocktail-party-on-valentines-day-with-your-not-yet-husband-as-prelude-to-a-night-of-hot-sex-but-instead-puke-for-two-days-because-of-all-the-cosmos-you-drank way to celebrate valentine's day. he married me anyway but each year on valentine's day, he finds a special moment to make vomiting sounds to remind me of how sexy I looked hunched over the toilet in my hoochie-coochie undergarments (bought for just that evening's planned festitivies). sigh.

  5. Valentine's Day romance is cliche anyway … And you can't do cliche with a card like that! There's always tonight. (At least you'll be well rested.)

  6. I've been reading the Mominatrix and feeling very guilty that so much of her advice seems SO out of reach but your post at least makes me feel better!

  7. Heh. My husband spent two days before Valentine's Day being sick. As in, unable to keep down anything but crackers and Gatorade.

    This was immediately after two days of my kid barfing in my hair.

    Then on Valentine's Day it was snowing so hard we were concerned about even going to the grocery store, let alone out to buy gifts, wine or flowers.

    So we watched Labyrinth with the kid and ate homemade cupcakes.

    Ahhh, domesticated romance.

  8. I walked in to 3 red roses in a bud vase, a card and homemade valentine from DD/5. My heart melted to see my whole family in the kitchen as I walked in the door just finishing dessert.

    Did I mention I was 2 hrs late from work, again? UGH!

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