Making Valentine’s Day more undisappointingish

Valentine’s Day was never one of my favorite holidays. When I was single it was generally disappointing, and when I was coupled…well, it was generally disappointing.

But after having children, Hallmark Holidays took on a whole new meaning because it became about them: The miraculous evolution of doilies and glitter into Valentine’s Day cards, the hunt for cute red barrettes, the opportunity to teach them about the joy of giving and making other people feel happy, no matter what you get in return.

(Okay, I’m overstating my benevolence here. Of course I do a happy dance when Nate comes with my annual box of Knipschildt Chocolate, even if he does tend to suck down about 17 himself for every one I eat and then I yell at him and he denies it and we have a fight over it and…did I mention how Valentine’s Day is better when it’s about the kids?)

In that spirit, I just wanted to tell you about the kids’ color-your-own Valentine’s Day cards that Kristen and I put together at Cool Mom Picks in partnership with the absolutely lovely folks at Etsy.  When you buy one of the downloadable, printable PDFs (a mere $3.99!) every penny goes to the Children’s Heart Foundation to support kids with congenital heart defects. You’ll get 12 kid-friendly designs, each from a different amazing artist who donated their time and talent to the cause.

Artist created, Thalia approved

Did I mention just $3.99? And if you print out 400 of them, that comes to less than a penny apiece. A steal, in this economy, I tell ya!

We’re trying to raise $1000 and we’re actually getting close. So if this seems like it’s up your alley, we’d be honored if you’d head over to the Etsy Store, grab your own, print it out and make some kids happy. Including your own.


11 thoughts on “Making Valentine’s Day more undisappointingish”

  1. I love these and hope it becomes an annual CMP tradition. I suggest printing them on light cardstock, cutting out with scallop scissors and letting the kids at 'em with markers and watercolors. A few of the designs had tiny details and were difficult for my toddlers, so I got those all to myself. Very fun.

  2. Great ideas Mrs Q! The water colors do look great on some of them.

    But hopefully you can make enough copies so that if your kids just want to hand out 32 owls…they can do that too.

  3. What an awesome idea and having grown up with a close cousin with a significant heart defect, I really love the cause. Thank you!

  4. Those are sooo darned cute! I can't wait until Pineapple can color her own Valentine's cards….maybe then Valentine's Day will be less 'disappointingish' for me, too! 🙂

  5. just so you know, you're saving my bacon, here. i was on the verge of invading a local crafty joint to buy doilies, etc. (nothing against doilies. i'm just not feeling the craft store trip over the hills and through the woods to BFE.)

    bless you, Liz (and Kristen).

  6. Oh, I'm not showing Mrs Q the ones my kids did in dark colors and with my terrible straight-line cutting skills (I know hers will be lovely; she's my sis).

    I love these Valentine's cards but also love the sounds of those chocolates! I'll hold Nate back while you stuff some in your mouth, just as long as you throw one my way! Valentine's Day with the 101's FTW!

  7. Sounds like a great idea. Too bad it wasn't around when my kids were in grade school. I'm always missing out on all the fun stuff.

  8. As mom of a son with congenital heart defects I want to thank you for your support of the Children's Heart Foundation! Their amazing support of patients and research means my son is sitting next to me making puppets out of socks instead of, well, not.

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