National Thank a Blogger Day

This morning I woke up to about the nicest thing ever. Especially compared with Nate snoring next to me, and the dog farting in the living room. It was a note in my inbox from a reader (hi Elaine! Link fixed now!) simply thanking me for my blog. For no reason at all except she felt compelled to write it.

I kind of want to cry.

Lately, it’s been hard to keep up with posting, let alone responding to comments, reading other blogs more, and connecting with the people who come here and make this more of a community than a blog. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and guilty up the whazoo. Not just because I feel I owe it to my readers, but because I owe it to myself.

It’s a luxury to find time to simply write about what I want in this little space; something that isn’t dictated by a client, isn’t compelled by advertising, and isn’t going to be edited by someone who red-lines my overuse of em dashes and parentheses.

(See what I mean–em dashes and parentheses. My favorite!)

In a lot of ways, this blog keeps me whole. As my mom has always said since I was little, Liz can’t not write. And so a private email sent simply to let me know I’m connecting with someone through my writing, well, wow. That’s a really powerful thing.

Then I realized, I should be doing it more. I should take a minute and go out of my way tell a blogger thank you.

There are so many I could choose, but right now I want to pick Rebecca Woolf of Girls’ Gone Child. When I think about bloggers who are Writers, I think about her.  I think she blogs for all the right reasons. You can tell how much time and effort she puts into what she does, from the photos right down to every exquisite word. She is talented, she is consistent, she is beautiful inside and out, and she is bursting with love as a parent which explodes all over her pages in inspiring ways.

Above all, she makes me want to be a better writer.

Is there a blogger you want to thank today?

edited: Hey, look: we got a hashtag! #thankablogger if you’re doing it on twitter.


43 thoughts on “National Thank a Blogger Day”

  1. There are so many women that I read every day that I love and want to thank… but if I only had to pick one it would be Ree Drummond. I love her blog. Her posts are funny and well-written. Plus, the pictures of food she posts makes me drool all over my keyboard. 🙂

  2. I love this post. Yes to everything you said here. So here are my thank yous: to you, Liz for a whole host of reasons not the least of which is that you inspire me. I'd also like to thank Anymommy for the beautiful way she strings words together and Linda of All and Sundry for motivating me to run and to take my two year old in stride. What a lovely way to start the day.

  3. There are so, so many bloggers that I want to thank. Today, I'm thanking Issa from Issa's Crazy World for her honesty and humor.

    Love this idea!

  4. I love all the blogs I read now – I am always amazed at how funny and insightful these women are! One that really made a big impact on me though was a blog I read 5 or 6 years ago when my oldest was a baby and I preg. with my second. It was by Catherine Newman called Bringing up Ben and Birdy. Six years later I still think about some of the wonderfully funny/poignant things she wrote about. I remember reading her blog and laughing and crying at the same time (it used to scare my husband a little). It really helped mark that period of time for me and I will never forget her or her stories.

  5. So many women I feel connected to that don't know I exist, but they touch my life in so many ways. It makes me wish I was less shy and a better writer. But I would really like to thank Amy Storch, a.k.a. Amalah, the first blog I ever read. I found her link on when I first got pregnant with my daughter over three years ago. She opened up the world of blogging to me and her humor and goofiness mixed with honesty and emotion helped me survive new motherhood. Through her I found all my favorites; You (of course, thank you!!!), Rebecca Woolf at Straight from the Bottle (love her for all the same reasons you listed!), Her Bad Mother, dooce, Redneck Mommy, All & Sundry, Heather Spohr, Motherhood Uncensored, finslippy, Diary of a New Mom, kdiddy…! Sorry, I just want to hug and thank them all. It's amazing to find all these incredible women telling the truth about motherhood in a way I wish I could! Thank you so much everyone! (And sorry I don't comment much, I always sound like a douche.)

  6. Just this morning I was walking back from a meeting and thinking about the craft of blogging and about other bloggers I love to read but haven't made the time to visit recently and how even though I don't know all these women who blog, I'm inspired by them and I feel a huge sense of gratitude for their chorus of voices.

    I guess this is how I'd characterize my blogroll – it's way to nod my head at other bloggers who make me think, who make me want to write – or who make me want to be a better person. You fit all three categories, btw.

  7. What a great idea!
    I try to show my thanks via my Blogroll and by commenting in those blogs I am pleased that exist.

    (did you notice that? I totally included you in my answer by replying.)

  8. I read so many blogs that it's difficult to keep up with my own! I try so hard to comment and tweet about bloggers I love, but it can be very overwhelming! Today I'll tip my cap to Becky of Mommy Wants Vodka, for her work to create Band Back Together, a site for moms and families dealing w/ PTSD, lost babies or babies with illnesses. She's no nonsense and real and she has the experience to back it all up.

  9. I thank Sweet|Salty Kate, Redneck Mommy, Bon from Crib Chronicles, Heather Spohr and others who blog through loss.

    They are strong and brave to write through something so..staggeringly difficult. When I lost my mom, those people's writings on loss were like a kind of lifeline, even if the loss was so different.

    Thanks to you, too, Liz. You are an amazing woman & friend.

  10. I would like to thank you and Kristen (Motherhood Uncensored). You were both my inspiration to start blogging and without the two of you I'd have never put myself out here to begin with. Youmade a difference in this grieving mom's life and as the death anniversary barrels down on me this week, I haven't forgotten it. Much live to you my friend.

  11. Oh gosh! I love Rebecca, too. And I think this is a great movement. While it's hard to choose, early on the blogger that grabbed my attention and influenced my writing direction was Gretchen of lifenut. I am so thankful for her.


  12. Thank you for always being so thoughtful and honest. You rock.

    I'll pass along the rest of my thanks via Twitter and blog comments. A perfect feel-good thing for today.

  13. I have a Google Reader full of favorites!!!
    But, I never miss a post by my friend Mary at Mare's Misadventures and when I'm seeking inspiration, hands down either Steph at Adventures in Babywearing or Meg at Velveteen Mind.

  14. So many people to thank. It's the community that keeps me going while I write about a topic that isn't exactly the cheeriest.

    Thanks to Catherine at Her Bad Mother, Annie from PhD in Parenting, Casey from Moosh in Indy and all the powerhouse mamas who help me spread the word about postpartum depression. Thanks to BlogHer and its fabulous founders for allowing me to use their platform to educate women about PPD. Thanks to the amazing bloggers who have participated each year in the Mother's Day Rally for Moms' Mental Health, including Allie from No Time for Flash Cards, Meagan from The Happiest Mom, Mindy from The Mommy Blog, Rita Arens … I could go on, and on, and on.

    You need to make this official. We need a logo. Except not designed by the people who did the Gap one. 😉

  15. Awww crap. I left out Becky and the mamas who created Band Back Together. And Alexis, from depressionsandconfessions, my new partner in crime and awesome guest contributor to Postpartum Progress. And my readers. And … well, there really are just too many people to thank. Why is why the blogosphere is so damn awesome.

  16. Love The New Girl because she makes me laugh, and every time I read her I think of all of the fun I have had chatting with her in person. Love you, and Kristen, and Christina (Mommy Story). These days, I need laughs, so anyone who can make me laugh, especially at myself, is awesome.

  17. Wow… there are two in particular I would like to thank: Niobe (who used to write at deadbabyjokes) and Becky of mommywantsvodka and bandbacktogether. In their own ways they helped me work through some awful times from my past. And they are endlessly entertaining, too.

    Wonderful idea, Liz. Thank you.

  18. As always you get a double-gold star for setting just the right tone for this gloomy Tuesday.

    Well the list is long. I could go on and on… Yet you ask for one – ok, Ms. Liz, I shall play along:

    Thanks to the food goddess that is Jennifer Perillo for bringing lots of sunshine to the mundane -she is talent, enthusiasm, smarts and grace rolled into one. And better still, she deserves a big bloggy hug.

  19. This is awesome! What a great idea. Liz, I am also addicted to em dashes and parentheses & feel I can't NOT write.

    Joyce, thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I'm thrilled to be listed along w/ Finslippy, Dooce, etc.

    And Dana, I loved Catherine Newman's writing, too. That was the first time I realized that you could turn a blog into a book.

  20. What a great idea. Thanks to Katherine, as well, I'm touched.

    I'd like to thank Lisa Stone, who may not blog much any more but is an absolutely incredible writer when she does.

  21. Antique Mommy! And most of who everyone else said. I really miss Blog Antagonist, though.

  22. I am completely speechless, Liz. Thank you so much for all that you do and all that you are. You're a force in this space a writer and leader and supporter and I'm so grateful for you as well. And I love this idea. And of course it would be yours. Because that's who you are. You spread love, awareness and fearlessness. You inspire ME to stand up for what I believe in – something I have always struggled to do. To be a braver writer and human being. Sending you so much love and thanks for these words. I know it sounds convenient but I'd like to thank you because you have ALWAYS been at the top of my list of must-reads. Because you have ALWAYS been there for me personally. Because you are a wise and wonderful force in this and every space and you inspire me to be a better, stronger woman. Thank you, Liz. And so much love.

  23. I have done this some on Twitter.

    But Liz? Thank you. For always being real. For being funny. For writing the truth. For staying away from most of the drama of the day.

    For lowering the amount of money in my checking account. 😉

    Also, for just being sweet and nice and kind to me over the last five years.

  24. I'd like to add that Marinka just made me do the ugly cry. Not sure why. Just needed that today. Love her.

    Also I said this on Twitter…but my main two thank you's today go to Childsplayx2 and MetroDad for forcing me to get out of their comment sections and start my own blog already dammit. Ha.

  25. what a great post 🙂
    i have too many to thank.
    maybe ill make that a series on my blog? thank YOU for sharing your thanks.

  26. What an amazing idea. I've gone on to thank the blogger who inspired me to finally take control of the weight issues that have plagued my entire life. She played a huge part in my decision to embark on my current journey and for the first time in my life I feel like I'm moving FORWARD, permanently:

  27. Such a great reminder to look around. And there are so many wonderful bloggers to thank. I'd say Candice of Bookish Penguin. She was one of the first blogs I started following and she's been my blog friend since the beginning. She's a mom, she works and she posts great posts way more often than you'd expect.

  28. What a wonderful thing. You rock Liz. There are so many bloggers I'd like to thank, but I suppose I owe a lot of thanks to Heather Armstrong, because she brought me together with my very first community of bloggers six years ago.

  29. This is a lovely idea Liz there are so many wonderful people some that I have met in real life like @RedneckMommy, @Motherbumper and @HerbadMother and others who have taken me to places far and wide much love to you all

  30. been I've thanking people all day on twitter, but thank you for starting this. So much love in the blogosphere today and it was all started by you.

    You are always such a model of grace and dignity and professionalism.

  31. These comments are all so inspiring. I love seeing how connected we feel to one another, whether we “know” each other or not.

    That's what makes this space different than a magazine. That's what makes this space awesome.

  32. What a terrific idea Liz. I had a similar experience last week. I spoke at a conference and afterward, got an email from one of the attendees telling me I had inspired her to start a small business and get blogging. I absolutely reminded me why I love what I do, and I wrote a post about it as well.

    Wasn't smart enough to start a meme though 🙂

    So many to thank on my list. Can't pick just one. You are most definitely on it though.

  33. Okay, this is kind of strange because this morning while doing dishes (I frickin' kid you not) I thought of emailing you and thanking your for being “the voice” of us “mommy” bloggers and any type of blogger really and for keeping me and so many others abreast of so many different topics and things going on in the blog world.

    Oh and for your awesome writing too.

    But another Elaine beat me to it. And that's totally okay. Because you are wonderful and deserve a TON of thanks!

    Now let's see, who else can I go about thanking…

    p.s. I do hope to be able to meet you some day and thank you in person. 🙂

  34. Mom 101 and Girls Gone Child were the very first mom blogs I ever read, and continue to be the very best mom blogs I ever read (and the only two I read religiously). Thanks to you and Rebecca for making me smile, cry, laugh out loud and think, but mostly for making me say “Oh thank God I'm not the only one….”

    My other favorite is Meagan Francis's The Happiest Mom. Her posts are so articulate, thoughtful and thought-provoking. She makes me a happier mom! (Or at least gives me the tools to become one!)

  35. I thanked mine on twitter, but they deserve mention here too: Kristen (Motherhood Uncensored), Liz (Mom-101), Ali Edwards (, and Stacy Julian ( They have been and continue to be an inspiration to me.

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