The Color Purple

Me: Wow Sagey, you sure did a good job getting dressed this morning.

Sage: Thank you.

Me: That’s a lot of purple you have on.

Sage: I only have on two things. One…two.

Me: What about your leggings?

Sage: Oh, right.

Nate: And what color underwear do you have on?

Sage: Uh…

Nate: Purple?

Sage: Purple.

At least she matches. This time.


27 thoughts on “The Color Purple”

  1. She is so freaking cute! You really should buy her some purple socks, though.

  2. My 3 yo inevitably puts her undies on backwards and says, 'I like them that way.' Then spends the rest of the day complaining because they 'itch.' Maybe it was just chance, but she used to put them on the right way, when she was 2. Or maybe it's the 3 yo stubborness and independence quest in full swing.

  3. Sage and my Becca would get along swimmingly. 3.5-year-old independence plus an insatiably girly love of purple (and pink!) plus the sense that any shades of the same color family TOTALLY match. BFFs, those two.

    This morning's ensemble at my house was pajamas, her Halloween fairy costume, and Minnie Mouse ears with a veil attached. Classic.

  4. She is precious in her purple. My 4 year old Sophia is now into rainbows and does not leave the house without rocking at least 10 colors. She says if you wear every color of course you match. Some days I giggle, but she does have a point. Also I got her a gap kids rolling stones shirt that says She's a Rainbow and she wears it. That I adore!

    Love letting our kids express themselves. It's good for them and so much easier than the fights.

  5. ummmm…too cute.

    can't wait for those days with my daughter. she's only 9 months now so we aren't quite there and my older boys just don't get that excited about getting dressed.

  6. I guess she was just supporting National Epilepsy Support Day!


    Purple Day is a popular endeavour devoted to raising awareness regarding epilepsy globally. Last year, more than a lakh students globally donned purple this day and scores of work areas & neighbourhood associations additionally partook in the campaign, donning purple to their jobs & hosted Purple Day events & endorsements.
    During this 26th March, Sat, individuals across the world are requested to don purple & help in spreading the word regarding epilepsy

    She is just a little charity-supporter in training!

  7. She is cute. Maybe she and my 3 year old son can team up – he insists that his favorite color purple, then gets upset when all the good stuff is for girls.

  8. She is the cutest! And I love the purple. She did an awesome job! When my 3 year old gets dressed by herself she always ends up in a princess dress from the costume bin.

  9. When I was designing childrens'clothes, I noticed that purple apparel didn't sell very well. A psychologist told me that purple is the color of passion and so many mothers can't handle passion anymore that they don't let their little ones have it in any form. So, good on you. Glad to see the passion still exists in your family.

  10. My almost-4-year-old has the odd day like that — except her color of choice is pink. Otherwise, it's an outfit with every color and pattern she can manage to construct together.

  11. We have pink days around here. I'm more of a purple girl myself, but Moanna is ALL about the pink

  12. My five year old has a gray outfit he keeps coming back to. Gray cords and a gray long sleeved t. He looks like a hipster window washer.

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