Sad. In more ways than one.

“Why aren’t you wearing a bra?” Sage asked me last night as we got ready for bed.

“Because I’m in my nightgown,” I explained. “It’s more comfortable to sleep without a bra.”

She thought about this for a minute, then looked worried.

“But mommy – now your boobs are going to fall off.”


19 thoughts on “Sad. In more ways than one.”

  1. My cousins son brought her her bra one day and said “what’s this mommy?? Oh, its your boobs?” It was too cute.

  2. That’s better than, “What happened to your boobs, Mom? They’re all gone.” I suppose that’s what happens after breeding seven leeches, but it still hurts. A lot.

  3. I vaguely remembering telling my mom I hoped to get my grandmas’s boobs, and not my mom’s… because Grandma’s seemed big and squishy and my mom’s were smaller and cone-ish.

  4. Well for physiological awareness that’s still ahead of my 4-yr-old daughter who is convinced she has both ‘boobs’ and ‘nuts’ somewhere on her body… Thanks, older brother!

  5. She’s got a point! Pretty sure that’s the only thing keeping my preggo balloons attached right now.

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