Exciting news and moderate squeeing from someone who is not prone to squeeing and kind of hates that word.

When we were first moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I was skeptical. Nate used every trick he had to try and convince me why it would be more awesome to leave the corner of Mardi and Gras in the West Village, and settle in a neighborhood one river over, with more toy shops than uh…adult toy shops.

One of the things that sold me: “There’s a Target there.”

Indeed, only a few blocks away was that big red bullseye that so many Americans take for granted, but we New Yorkers devour like kettle corn on an empty stomach. (Malls are foreign things ’round these parts. Especially good ones.) It wasn’t long before I learned why so many friends warned me, “careful…you’ll walk in for a bunch of socks, and walk out with a cart full of everything you didn’t realize you needed.”

And they are big carts.

So how lucky do I feel that I am officially (drumroll) Target’s tech and gaming spokesperson for the holiday season?

Look! Me up there! You can tell by the glasses on my head.

It’s like a dream job: shopping, only for other people. And playing games. (You know…for “research.”) And helping moms. And advocating for brands I love and trust, including some of the cool, smaller brands that Target has always sought out and supported.

Anyway, you can catch me on their blog today sharing my top picks for Educational Tech Gifts for Kids, because as we all know, man (and child) cannot live on Angry Birds Star Wars alone. Although I have definitely tried this week. And I’ll be doing some media appearances to help moms with tips on saving money this holiday and buying great gifts.

Also on Cool Mom Tech, I recently picked out my 10 favorite tech gifts at Target which–hint to the gift-givers in my life. I didn’t even know Target had all these things to be honest, and maybe now you’ll remember it too, when you’re in the kids’ clothing aisle, scoring the Harajuku Mini clothes for your kids that my girls refuse to take off.

tech gift recos at Target

I suppose the thing that makes me especially happy about this is that I feel part of some bigger, awesome thing that’s been happening lately; these increasing opportunities for bloggers that help remind other bloggers that they can do more with brands (if they want) than writing reviews for gift cards.

I think about Sarah from Whoorl in ads for Pantene, Gabrielle Blair’s Olive Us video series sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids, Rachel Faucett from Handmade Charlotte designing a children’s line for Anthropologie, Rebecca Woolf’s Childstyle series on HGTV–or the myriad book deals for the writers, memorists, and novelists among us who might previously have had a more challenging path to a publisher or agent.

It’s doable. You could be next. Or hey–you can just keep writing for love and passion and the compulsion to snark about reality TV in a public forum. I love those blogs so much too. As my dad always said when I was a kid, “it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you love it and do your best.”

And that’s when I’d say, “what if I want to be a robber?”

And he’d say, “do your best. And don’t get caught.”

So yes, I’m kind of squeeing on the inside, just a little bit right now. But don’t tell anyone. It sounds really unprofessional.


67 thoughts on “Exciting news and moderate squeeing from someone who is not prone to squeeing and kind of hates that word.”

  1. This could easily be the best news I hear all day. Not that there’s a lack of good news, but THIS IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD NEWS! Up top!

  2. Squeeeeeee! I am happy to know that the next time I go to Target for a box of Kleenex or a bag of socks—and walk out with a cart filled to brim with things I NEED—I will think of you. Congrats Liz! It just keeps getting better:)

    1. Thanks so much Alice. Let me know if you need personal recos. I am now WILDLY familiar with everything there.

      Hint: For the person who has everything, Lytro camera.

  3. Congratulations. I did say that. Be the best that you can be. And you are the best. Target (or, as we like to say, tar-jay) is awesome. Everyone should click on the link and see your picks. Awesome.

  4. I love how you bring it back to the bigger picture of blogging and what it can mean at its best, for love and money. And congratulations, Liz!!! I’ll pony up a “squee!” for that!

  5. Liz, you never cease to amaze me. That’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Here’s hoping you get tons of great swag, and if as “gaming spokesman” you need a male perspective to add to your analysis by all means let me know. 😉

    1. If you want to find the swag, check Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech…because it’s going to the readers. (I love giving. Really.)

      Maybe I need a cool dad guest post from you again on gaming?

  6. Yay for you!! I would like to request that suggestions include ideas for older children as well. So many of the children’s gift guides I’m seeing are for the preschool age. Thanks!!

  7. That’s very exciting news! We live two blocks from Target and essentially use it as our corner store. We’re there a couple of times a week and know it like the backs of our hands. You are going to have so much fun!

  8. Congrats on the Target gig, Liz! Amazing. Us here up in Canada are excited that we’re getting the big red store soon!
    And yes, there are many amazing opportunities lately for bloggers, more than reviews and giveaways, though I’m still game with that. Ice has an ongoing online relationship with Volkswagen (they were my sponsor for Mom 2.0 last year) and they recently asked me to be their official blogger for the 24h Tremblant event taking place this weekend. So off I go to represent VW, blog for them, and ski throughout the night for an amazing cause, helping sick kids. I’m super excited about this. And it’s another eat bloggers are getting more… “out there”! 🙂

  9. Squee away! Great news! (Are you having an off-the-charts year or WHAT?)

    And girl, I could use some help with kids’ tech stuff in the worst way. Believe me, that’s a worthy position you’re taking on!


  10. WOW! Target Rocks! It is absolutely one of my favorite stores, and I so agree that you go in for socks or laundry detergent and come out with a load of GREAT buys. Congratulations to an assignment that should be right up your alley!

  11. Let’s just say I know waaaaay too much already about the tech selection at Target. Because someone, okay, TWO SOMEONES, drag me through there every week when I’m just trying to get super cheap brand name cereal and my Burt’s Bees face lotion and okay maybe also some socks and, ooh, that’s a nice purse there . . . and then of course while being forced, forced, I tell you, to gaze upon the myriad wonders of the tech aisles I wind up wanting a new case for the iPad or a backup stylus for the DS and WHY TARGET, WHY DO YOU MAKE ME BUY ALL THE THINGS?

  12. Well personally I think TARGET should be squeeing. You being the best of the breed and all. Congratulations Liz!

  13. oh liz, just seeing this! this is so great and I love target and your recs so it is a great combo.

    as a side note – your encouragement to do what we love and do it well is just what I need – R

  14. I’m a little behind on my blog reading and just getting caught up now…. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You absolutely deserve to e squeeing!!!!

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