9 Mother’s Day Cards I Wish They Made

Just once, it would be nice to walk into a store and find Mother’s Day cards that reflected reality:

condom mother's day card

new mom mother's day card


snapchat mother's day card


formula mother's day card


new mom mother's day card


real housewives mother's day card

to mom from son mother's day card

troll mother's day card


vag mother's day card


Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Hope you get all the love and appreciation you deserve.






12 thoughts on “9 Mother’s Day Cards I Wish They Made”

  1. Cool ones!
    But I have a winner. The card that my 6-year-old labored over for days and proudly presented to me this morning has following writing:
    Mom, I will love you for ever and ever and ever even when you are dead in the graveyard.

    I’m going to be nasty and keep this one. And then show them when they become parents…

  2. Happy Mother’s Day!

    My kids made me a little breakfast in bed and CLEANED UP THE KITCHEN. Best Mother’s Day ever. Hope yours is as nice!

  3. The one from the son about disappointment for not being a girl. Sadly true but funny. I’ve made peace with the 50/0 chance and that I have a son. Love him 🙂

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thanks for always saying, “What’s wrong with having just girls?!” every time someone said, “Three girls? Now you have to try for a boy.”

    That would be my card.

  5. Those are great cards. Well, my mom have amazing sense of humor, so I actually wrote on her card “I love you mom, I hope you you’ll get away from all the shit today literally and figuratively”.

  6. Oh how I love the hiding the formula one. hahahahhaa. I don’t care now and I didn’t by my third, but oh how I cared with my first two kids.

  7. I love these — especially the snap chat and real housewives ones. Lol. I didn’t get a mother’s day card this year, but my daughter made up for it with a big wet sloppy kiss!

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