Six. Oh My God, Six.

The idea that I am no longer the mother of a five year-old, and never will be, somehow feels monumental.It’s like five is the threshold that divides little kids from big kids. Kindergarteners from school children. Girls who need help tying their own shoes from I CAN DO IT MYSELF, MOM! New mothers from those who are supposed to have a better idea of exactly what to do in every situation.

(Kind of. Maybe. Don’t worry, I am enjoying making it up as I go along.)

Sage, you are one of the most remarkable kids here or anywhere and I say that with only 67% bias. The questions you ask blow me away; you must have inherited your Grandma’s mind for Socratic thinking:

Do bad guys know they’re bad guys or do they think that they’re good guys and we’re the bad guys?

You challenge me in the best possible ways. You blow me away with your love for reading and drawing and remembering every single Harry Potter character in the book even when I can’t, and doing headstands on the couch. Your hugs can bring me to my knees. Your crazy “Dynamite” dance should go viral. You eat broccoli saying you don’t like it, but you eat it anyway. You stir the pancake batter with so much care. You have thoughts, interests, stubborn demands and exceedingly kind gestures that are entirely your own.The cats now like you more than they are terrified by you.

And yes, you make me grateful for Wikipedia.

You also have a sister who loves you so much, that the first thing she did this morning was scamper to the kitchen to make you cinnamon toast in bed. I don’t even mind sleeping on the crumbs.

I’m so glad you have each other. And I’m so glad I have you.

In the past six years, you found your smile. It radiates from the inside. It warms anyone within its radius. It is irresistible and it is exquisite. And so are you.


Happy birthday my beautiful Sage. My beautiful six year-old. Oh God, how did that happen again?


20 thoughts on “Six. Oh My God, Six.”

  1. Happy Birthday, Sage! Six is awesome. You will love being six. My six year old son makes being six look so much fun that I asked him if on my next birthday I could be six, and he said no, I’d have to turn forty-five. I’m sure that will be nice, too, but enjoy being six while you have the chance!

  2. Dearest Sage,
    Sometimes I watch you watch Thalia with such intensity that I know you’re learning everything she can teach you. One time I cried when you told me that you drew Momsie’s portrait because you knew it would make me happy. I see you wrap your arms around your mom, and when she asks how your day went you say: Awesome. When you’re not looking, I raise my head to the heavens and thank the angels for you. Those are tears of gratitude just in case you noticed. Happy birthday.

  3. On my youngest son’s third birthday I realized that the next time there would be a toddler in my home it would be a grandchild and I almost crashed the car. These big milestone moments sneak up on us when we least expect them. Congratulations to you and Sage.

    1. Oh my gosh! Why did you put that thought in my head! Ha.
      Well, at least my cousins are still having babies…

  4. Our dear sweet, lovely and beautiful Sage. We thank our lucky stars you are in our lives. You are perfect exactly the way you are and you fill our hearts completely. And, you are one of the good guys…
    Have the most fun birthday! Happy 6!
    Love, love, love,
    Grammy & Grandpa

  5. Happy Birthday Sage! And look how great you’re doing Liz. Now don’t even think about 13… 🙂

  6. I am also coming up on a 6 year old. Yes, it does feel like a dividing line for sure. It brings up bittersweet feelings as the “baby” slips away. Happy Birthday to Sage!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet girl! What a beautiful post. I just wanted to give you both birthday hugs.

  8. Happy Birthday Sage!!!!
    P.S. Maybe you could get her the 2013 American Girl Girl Of The Year doll Saige Copeland cause they have the same name!!!!

  9. I’m late with this message as I’ve been away from the interwebs, but still wanted to say Happy Birthday to Sage! She’s a bright shining light, indeed.

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