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The Cloud of Sandy Lifts. The Cloud of Liz…Not So Much

For the last few days I’ve been flat out with the flu and a high fever, meaning I’ve been relegating my writing to 140 character rants on Twitter about politics, the NYC Marathon (i.e. politics), and the rescue efforts. Some of which I swear I don’t remember writing. Don’t hold me too responsible.  Unless it was awesome.

It’s been frustrating not being able to be out there, doing more in the Sandy recovery efforts. But with me speaking in tongues, two stir-crazy kids off of school for five days, and my mother living with us for a week since she’s been out of power, I can safely say I’m a little maxed on what I can reasonably do from bed.

(Also, praise be for the grandmother who cooks and cleans and holds “school” for the kids and make you honey toast and tea before you’ve even had to tell her you want some; and to the sigOth who brings back not just one cough syrup, but 74 different kinds.)

One thing I can do: Write. So Kristen and I put together a list of more than 11 reputable charities that can use your help or money after Hurricane Sandy. Red Cross photo below. Hearing about scam charities popping up make me want to scream.

photo of hurricane sandy shelter | c US Red Cross

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