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Oscars Best and Worst Dressed, according to the most experty experts ever

For the last six years, I’ve been writing a funny-mostly-only-to-me wrap up of the previous night’s Academy Awards. At least it’s funny the next morning. The following year, however, I read it back and am like, what the heck was I referring to? Alec Baldwin’s Ambien? What?

This year I’m turning my blog over to my daughters, who provided astute, descriptive, and honest red carpet commentary on Twitter last night. Then went to bed, fortunately before they had the chance to see J Lo’s nipples.

Please meet your hostesses:

Thalia, 6. Can pair stripes with argyle with a floral like nobody’s business. Favorite shoes: Black engineer boots.  Favorite color: Blue. No, turquoise. No, green. No wait, blue.

Sage, 4. Remembers to put her underwear on facing the right way at least 5 days out of every week. Fond of stickers as fashion accessory. Believes one can never wear too many temporary tattoos and that any kitchen item can make a fabulous hat.


Jennifer Lopez

Thalia: Her dress is not that nice because this part in the front? Is too low and you can see her boobs.

Sage: She’s so pretty even if she breaks all her hair off. Her dress is so pretty like she’s having a wedding.

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