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Words that need to die a slow, painful, merciless death.

Dictionary through lens via wikimedia commonsInspired by a tweet Off My Red Carpet and Busy Mom that listed the words presh, sesh, preggo, totes, deets, gorg as words that provide clear evidence that our language is going in the toilet, I rushed to agree. They’re like long, pointy, scratchy nails on a chalkboard to me; should that sound be amplified through a bullhorn and then put through autotune, sung by some Bravo reality star, amplified yet again, and played directly into my brain.

While I’ve always said I share a lot of people’s personal distaste for words like panties, moist and tubesteak (shiver!), there are some new Frankenwords and uh…abbrevs in the lexicon that many of us would be fine with never seeing again.

Consider this a public service. Or maybe I’m just old. Or maybe it’s just me doing penance for having used the expressions “gag me with a spoon” and “gross me out the door and back again” way too many times and without irony. Continue reading