The Final Fleeting and Relatively Insignificant Thoughts of 2007

All week I’ve felt like I should have something profound to say about the past year but it’s escaped me. Mostly, I’ve just felt tired.

Tired and overwhelmed – by the holidays (whoops, forgot to send out cards), major work changes to contend with, a baby who still doesn’t sleep, a pigsty of an apartment, an overwhelming to-do list (1. Get passports for the kids before Jan. 11 trip…), writing that feels totally uninspired lately, and a pair of hips that oddly seem to get bigger and not smaller postpartum.

I managed to get the girls off to grandma’s so that Nate and I could have some semblance of a New Year’s Eve, just in time for him to learn that he has to work tomorrow at 6:30. That’s AM.

As I was sitting around feeling a little too mopey and self-pitying, I got the most wonderful, delightful email. A friend with some potential pregnancy woes got some most excellent, excellent, positive, best case scenario kind of news.

I sobbed in one big flood of catharsis. I cried for her. For me.

At almost exactly this time last year, I had similar kind of news arrive about a baby that I didn’t know would survive to see the light of day.

And she’s here.

She’s sweet. And she smiles. She eats like a mofo. She’s strong as a horse – a horse who can benchpress another horse.

And she has the most delightful, contagious giggle in all of babydom. Especially when she’s bouncing.

I’d say 2007 has been a fucking great year. How about you.

Edited to add: I can now be less vague – feel free to congratulate Catherine on her great-so-far pregnancy news.


33 thoughts on “The Final Fleeting and Relatively Insignificant Thoughts of 2007”

  1. This is lovely. 🙂And, it’s always gonna be like this, right? I mean, we’ll always be overwhelmed, we’ll always be frustrated, and every once in a while we’ll understand that it’s all been worth it. And in those glimpses, redemption.Hope your New Year’s Eve is a fine one, even if it ends at 8pm.

  2. I’m sorry, but I’m ready to get this year the hell over with. I’ve been trying to sell my house all year in this terrible market. And I’m due to have my 3rd boy March 4th. So I’m ready for 2008. Bring it on!!!

  3. Hope. That’s what carries us through when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Even when that feeling of being overwhelmed has gone on and on for months, there’s still hope.Enjoy your lovely evening! And sleep late tomorrow.

  4. This year’s been awesome. A hell of a lot of close calls, all excellent turn outs. I’ll take another just like it, thanks a bunch.

  5. Great year indeed. I gave birth to my second in early Dec. It took three years to get pregnant w/ the first and I was told I would never get pregnant. And, now I am again losing sleep because of my newborn. Hooray for losing sleep. Happy 2008!

  6. Amazing, isn’t it, that when you ask to find miracles they stary appearing before your very eyes. May this year provide you with even more stories to write about so that the rest of the world can find out what an amazing woman you are.

  7. I agree – fucking hard year, but so fucking worth it.(And I must tell you thank you for creating a space where the word ‘fuck’ or any of it’s derivatives are not taboo. Not that I use the word all the time, but sometimes, there just is NO OTHER word that fits. It’s easy to be me here. Thanks for that.)

  8. Happy new year to you and your family!Thanks for putting it in perspective for me. After trying for 3 years, our baby was born in March. It’s been a roller coaster of a year, but a fucking great year indeed!

  9. Awwww, what a great perspective! 2007 has been a great year here too.Happy New Year to you!

  10. Girlfriend, I almost could have written this post myself. Crazy year for both of us, huh? Happy New Year. I predict great things for you in 2008. 🙂

  11. I hear you on the sleeping thing. A year ago, I was running my hairdryer in a desperate attempt to get my newborn to sleep. A few nights ago, I was running the dustbuster to get my now 1 year-old to sleep (She’s pissed off about weaning. Girl loves the boobies). Tired but grateful for everything I have. Wishing you and your brood a wonderful 2008.

  12. So much to be thankful for. It seems lie the years that are hardest with the biggest transitions are the ones that bring you so much and we look back at somehow as the best.. a controled slide and as difficult as it was… sure was worth it, your cuties are darn cute.

  13. Glad to hear the end of 2007 came with some good news. Take some time to regroup in 2008 if you are feeling burnt out. People who read your blog will support Mom-101 and your decision to take a break and enjoy your family’s companion. As I suggested to mama bird diaries, if you ever need suggestions for new activities to do with Thalia, I am a representative of NY Kids Club and am more than happy to answer any questions you have–or anyone else who reads this blog for that matter. Here is the link to their homepage: < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>.

  14. yep. it’s been a fucking year all right. pretty great, i’d say. i got that email at the same time, and had about the same response as you did:)happy new year to you, liz. i promise to come round more often.

  15. I am so glad your year went great, and glad to hear your friends new was good. It nice that there is still optimism and hope out there for all of us. Happy NEw Year!

  16. I think any year with a bouncing baby should go down as a good year, hands down. And yours is adorable.

  17. Happy New Year back at ya! Way too cute picture.. Great reminder of what is really important (that is – having a bouncer)..

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