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22 PR pitches that were too fun to send to spam.

Bad pitches: Insert Name Here | Mom101I was reading a post my dad wrote (my dad blogs–I know, so awesome) about business email etiquette and how fluid and confusing it can be. I know that those of us who entertain a half-billion or so pitches a day always joke about some of the worst ones and let me tell you, after 8 years of receiving them I am wayyyy beyond getting upset if someone addresses me as “Dear Blogger.”

Time has softened me, and I am increasingly forgiving of mistakes, because we all make them. Even if I still die a little every time someone tells me to share something “with your audience of mom’s.” And admittedly, I don’t know if I’ll ever get over a stranger addressing me in a salutation as “Yo!”

Still, I look at as many PR pitches as I can, trying to dig for the gems, and there are some that just kind of stand out from the rest. For the wrong reasons.  Sexy Girl Jewelry and Vaginal Moisturizer for Mother’s Day may still be my all-time favorites, but I think a few emails are gaining on them.

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